10 Facts about Devils Tower

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Find interesting Facts about Devils Tower in the following post below. The location of this historic place is in Bear Lodge Mountains, Crook County, Wyoming. Devils Tower contains the igneous rock. It is a form of a laccolithic butte. The height of Devils Tower from the summer to the base is 265 meter or 867 feet. It stands 386 meter above Belle Fourche River. The peak is measured at 1,559 meter above the sea elevation. Check other facts about Devils Tower below:

Facts about Devils Tower 1: the first National Monument

On 24th September 1906, President Theodore Roosevelt declared Devils Tower as the first national monument in United States.

Facts about Devils Tower 2: the area

The area enclosed within Devils Tower is 545 ha or 1,347 acres. There are around 400,000 visitors who come to Devils Tower per year. The traditional climbing techniques are used by the 1 percent of the annual visitors.

Devils Tower Image

Devils Tower Image

Facts about Devils Tower 3: the ties to the monolith

Before the arrival of the non-Native Americans in Wyoming, there were several tribes which had established connection with this monolith culturally and geographically. They included Shoshone, Lakota, Kiowa, Cheyenne, Crow and Arapaho.

Facts about Devils Tower 4: the name of the monolith

The monolith has been called in various names such as Tree Rock, Aloft on a Rock, Bear’s Lodge, Bear’s Lodge Butte, Grizzly Bear Lodge and Bear’s House. Find facts about Denali National Park here.

Devils Tower Tourism

Devils Tower Tourism

Facts about Devils Tower 5: the origin of Devils Tower

In 1875, Devils Tower was used as the name of the monolith due to the misinterpretation of Col. Richard Irving Dodge’s interpreter.

Facts about Devils Tower 6: Bear Lodge National Historic Landmark

Barbara Cubin was the U.S. representative who opposed a proposal of using Bear Lodge National Historic Landmark to call the monolith in 2005. This proposal was used to recognize the ties of American Indians to the monolith. She objected it for it would affect the economy and tourism in the area. Check facts about Death Valley National Park here.

Devils Tower View

Devils Tower View

Facts about Devils Tower 7: the sedimentary rocks

The sedimentary rocks are the main element found on the surrounding landscape of Devils Tower.

Facts about Devils Tower 8: the oldest rocks

Devils Tower features the visible oldest rocks dated back around 225 to 195 million years ago during the Triassic period.

Facts about Devils Tower

Facts about Devils Tower

Facts about Devils Tower 9: the summer season

During the summer season, Devils Tower is filled with hundreds of climbers who live to conquer the rock walls.

Facts about Devils Tower 10: registration

If you are interested to climb in Devils Tower, you need to register to the park ranger. The registration process takes place before and after the climb.

Devils Tower Facts

Devils Tower Facts

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