10 Facts about Dhaka

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Let me show you the interesting facts about Dhaka in the following post below. Dhaka is the largest city and capital city of Bangladesh. The Greater Dhaka Area is inhabited by more than 17 million people. There is no need to wonder that Dhaka is considered as one of the most populated cities in the world. The location of Dhaka in the heart of Bengal delta along the east bank of Buriganga River. Here are other interesting facts about Dhaka below:

Facts about Dhaka 1: the current spelling of Dhaka

In 1983, the city has the current spelling Dhaka. In the past, it was spelled Dacca. The city is filled with different kinds of ethnic people and diverse religions.

Facts about Dhaka 2: the primary city in South Asia

Dhaka is considered as one of the primary cities in South Asia. In Bengal region, it is the largest city. The Mughal capital of Bengal in the past was the old city of Dhaka. It was called Jahangir Nagar.

Facts about Dhaka

Facts about Dhaka

Facts about Dhaka 3: the trade center

The trade center of silk and muslin in the world was located in Dhaka. The riverfront of Buriganga housed the Bara Katra and Choto Katra. Both served as the significant caravansaries in the subcontinent located in Dhaka.

Facts about Dhaka 4: the Mughals and city

The city was decorated by the Mughals with the forts, palaces, mosques, tombs and gardens. In Bengal, Dhaka was called as the City of Mosques. There were different Eurasian merchant groups who lived in the city. Another nickname of the city was the Venice of the East. Check facts about Detroit here.

Dhaka Pictures

Dhaka Pictures

Facts about Dhaka 5: the medieval glory

Dhaka had its peak during the medieval period. It was called as one of the richest cities in the world. More than 50 percent of the Mughal GDP was generated from the economy of the old city of Dhaka. 

Facts about Dhaka 6: the development of modern Dhaka

In the end of 19th century, Dhaka was developed as a modern city. It became the capital of British Eastern Bengal and Assam in 1905 and 1912. It served as the capital city for the independent Bangladesh in 1971.

Dhaka Pic

Dhaka Pic

Facts about Dhaka 7: problems faced by Dhaka

There are various problems faced by Dhaka as a metropolitan city. They include congestion, pollution and poverty.

Facts about Dhaka 8: the financial center

The financial center in the country is located in Dhaka for it is a home to Dhaka Stock Exchange.

Dhaka Images

Dhaka Images

Facts about Dhaka 9: the festivals

There are various festivals hosted in Dhaka. They are the biannual Dhaka Art Summit, the Dhaka Literature Festival and the annual Ekushey Book Fair. Find facts about Denver Colorado here.

Facts about Dhaka 10: the rickshaws

Dhaka earns a nickname as the Rickshaw Capital of the world due to the largest number of rickshaws in the city.

Dhaka City

Dhaka City

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