10 Facts about Dhanush

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Find out the interesting information about the Indian film actor on Facts about Dhanush. He was born on 28th July 1983. His birth name is Venkatesh Prabhu.  He uses Dhanush as his stage name. Dhanush sets his stable career in Tamil cinema. He is also known as a playback singer, lyricist and producer. The first movie of Dhanush was directed by his father Kasthuri Raja. It was a coming of age movie released in 2002. The title was Thulluvadho Ilamai. Check out other interesting facts about Dhanush in the following post below.

Facts about Dhanush 1: the movies of Dhanush

Dhanush has been seen in more than 25 films after his debut. Due to his amazing performance in Aadukalam (2010), he received Best Actor Award for at the 58th National Film Awards.

Facts about Dhanush 2: “Why this Kolaveri Di”

“Why this Kolaveri Di” is considered as the most popular song of Dhanush for it made him earned an international acclaim in 2011. On YouTube, this video has been viewed 100 million times.

Dhanush Actor

Dhanush Actor

Facts about Dhanush 3: the awards

Talking about the awards that he receives, Dhanush has collected 7 Filmfare Awards and 3 National Film Awards.

Facts about Dhanush 4: as a producer

As I have stated before, Dhanush is not only an actor. He is also a producer. Wunderbar Films is the name of his production company. Get facts about Derek Hough here.

Facts about Dhanush

Facts about Dhanush

Facts about Dhanush 5: parents of Dhanush

Dhanush is from the Tamil filmmaker family. Kasthuri Raja is the father of Dhanush who works as a film producer and director.

Facts about Dhanush 6: acting career

Selvaraghavan is the brother of Dhanush who forces him to end up into acting. Talking about his education, Dhanush was enrolled to Thai Sathiya Matriculation High School. Check facts about Deepike Padukone here.

Dhanush Pic

Dhanush Pic

Facts about Dhanush 7: personal life

On 18th November 2004, Dhanush and Aishwarya were married. His wife is the daughter of the famous Rajinikanth. In 2006 and 2010, the couple was blessed with sons. Both are Yatra and Linga.

Facts about Dhanush 8: Thulluvadho Ilamai

Dhanush earned positive reviews for his first movie Thulluvadho from the audiences and critics. The next movie was Kadhal Kondein. Selvaraghavan was the director of the movie. Danush had a role as Vinodh depicted as a mentally disturbed youth.

Dhanush Images

Dhanush Images

Facts about Dhanush 9: Dhanush in 2007

Parattai Engira Azhagu Sundaram was the first movie of Danush released in 2007. During Diwali 2007, Polladhavan was released.

Facts about Dhanush 10: other works of Dhanush

In 2011, Dhanush was called as the hottest vegetarian celebrity in India after he became an ambassador of PETA.

Dhanush Facts

Dhanush Facts

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