10 Facts about Diamond Jubilee

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The celebration which marks the 60th or 75th anniversary is explained on Facts about Diamond Jubilee. At first, it was celebrated to mark the 75th anniversary. But it was also used to mark the 60th celebration due to the anniversary of Queen Victoria’s reign. On 22nd June 1897, the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria was celebrated to mark her 60-year reign. Here are other interesting facts about diamond jubilee to notice:

Facts about Diamond Jubilee 1: Queen Elizabeth II

In 2012, the Commonwealth of Nations celebrated the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

Facts about Diamond Jubilee 2: Diamond Jubilee in East Asia

Diamond Jubilee celebration is also spotted in East Asia even though it is called in different term. It coincides with the traditional 60-year sexagenary cycle.

Diamond Jubilee Photo

Diamond Jubilee Photo

Facts about Diamond Jubilee 3: The Tolsey clock

The queen Victoria’s reign for 60 years is commemorated with the Tolsey Clock. The location of the clock is in Wotton–under-Edge, Gloucestershire England in the middle of Market Street and High Street. It says “1837 – 1897”.

Facts about Diamond Jubilee 4: the monarchs

There have been several monarchs who celebrated their 60th year of reign. Those included Emperor Hirohito of Japan along with the Kangxi and Qianlong emperors of China. Get facts about D-Day here.

Diamond Jubilee Pic

Diamond Jubilee Pic

Facts about Diamond Jubilee 5: King Bhumibol Adulyadej

On 10th June 2006, the king of Thailand, King Bhumibol Adulyadej had his 60th year of reign celebration.

Facts about Diamond Jubilee 6: the national government

It seems that diamond jubilee is not only celebrated by the monarchs in the world but also by the national governments as well. The People’s Republic of China and Republic of Korea had their diamond jubilee in 2009 and 2005 respectively. Look at facts about Columbus Day here.

Diamond Jubilee Pictures

Diamond Jubilee Pictures

Facts about Diamond Jubilee 7: diamond jubilee in South Asia

The term diamond jubilee in South Asia is used to call an anniversary of 100 weeks. A movie shown in the cinema for at least 100 weeks is called as a diamond jubilee movie in Pakistan.

Facts about Diamond Jubilee 8: Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II

One of the most famous diamond jubilees is celebration of Queen Elizabeth II in 2012. On 6th February 1952, she became the queen.

Facts about Diamond Jubilee

Facts about Diamond Jubilee

Facts about Diamond Jubilee 9: as a queen regnant

There are 16 sovereign states calling themselves as Commonwealth realms which consider Elizabeth II as the queen regnant.

Facts about Diamond Jubilee 10: the tour

During the Diamond Jubilee, Queen Elizabeth II and his husband, Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Phillip only had a tour in United Kingdom.

Diamond Jubilee Images

Diamond Jubilee Images

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