10 Facts about Diaspora

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Find out the interesting information about a scattered population in the world on facts about diaspora here. The population is originated from a small geographic area. The term Diaspora is also used to call the movement of the population from their native soil. This word is taken from the Greek word which means dispersion or scattering. There are several historical mass dispersions associated with Diaspora such as the African Trans Atlantic slave trade, the removal of Jews from Judea, the displacement of Palestinians people in 20th century, the Hindus of South Asia or Southern Chinese in the coolie trade, and the Greek dispersion due to the fall of Constantinople. Here are other interesting facts about Diaspora to notice:

Facts about Diaspora 1: the causes

Diaspora which takes place in the world is differentiated based on the causes based on some experts’ opinion. The causes include the labor migration, trade and imperialism.

Facts about Diaspora 2: the homeland

Even though the population leaves their homeland, the political ties are still great in several Diaspora communities.



Facts about Diaspora 3: the other qualities of Diaspora

The other qualities of Diaspora are spotted too. It is stated that the full integration to host country is small. Moreover, it has close relationship with other communities in the Diaspora. The last quality is related to the thought of return. Look at facts about African culture here.

Facts about Diaspora 4: the African Diaspora

The African Diaspora is dated back centuries ago. It is one of the largest examples of Diaspora which takes place in the modern era.

Facts about Diaspora

Facts about Diaspora

Facts about Diaspora 5: the slave trade

The African Diaspora occurred because of the Atlantic slave trade. There were around 9.4 million to 12 million people from South-east, West-Central, West and North Africa sold as slaves in Western Hemisphere. 

Facts about Diaspora 6: the influences

The culture of French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian New World colonies were influenced by the African population as well as their descendants.

Diaspora Image

Diaspora Image

Facts about Diaspora 7: African people after the trans-Atlantic slave trade

There were millions of African people who became slaves, seamen and merchants in Europe and Asia. Find facts about African life here.

Facts about Diaspora 8: the Chinese Diaspora

The Chinese Diaspora is also called as Chinese emigration. Thousand years ago, this Diaspora had been spotted.

Diaspora Pic

Diaspora Pic

Facts about Diaspora 9: the primary causes of Chinese Diaspora

Political corruption, starvation and wars were some causes of Chinese Diaspora.

Facts about Diaspora 10: the Chinese immigrants

Most Chinese immigrants were collies and peasants. They were poorly educated and illiterate.

Diaspora Facts

Diaspora Facts

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