10 Facts about Dice

Thursday, September 1st 2016. | Mathematics

Let me show the detail information about a small throwable object on Facts about Dice. A dice is used to produce random numbers when you throw it for the surface of a dice contains numbers with multiple resting positions. The word dice is taken from the Latin word datum. It means something which is played or given. Check out the following post below if you are interested to notice more information about dice:

Facts about Dice 1: the usage of dice

Dice can be used to play gambling and non gambling games. Crap is one of the gambling games which employ dice.

Facts about Dice 2: cube shaped dice

The cube shaped dice is considered as the traditional die. It contains number of dots of 1 until 6 located at each of six faces.

Dice Facts

Dice Facts

Facts about Dice 3: how to use the dice

When you play a certain game, the dice will be rolled or thrown. The upper surface will show the number of dots when the dice is at resting position.

Facts about Dice 4: the shape of dice

In general sense, the shape of dice is often in cube shape. But you can also find dice created in irregular shapes or even polyhedral shape. They do not feature any numbers but symbols. Find facts about decimals here.

Dice Pic

Dice Pic

Facts about Dice 5: the specialized dice

The specialized dice made in unique shape are used to produce results. The people like to enjoy cheating and amusement when they use the loaded and crooked dice. 

Facts about Dice 6: a dice tray

The gambling and board games use a dice tray which contains thrown dice. The other game pieces will not be interfered if you apply the dice tray.

Dice Pictures

Dice Pictures

Facts about Dice 7: the origin of dice

It was believed that the origin of dice was likely from ancient Middle East. The Mesopotamian tomb dated back in 24th century BCE was excavated and contained the oldest known dice games in the world.

Facts about Dice 8: the Royal Game of Ur

The name of this oldest dice game was the Royal Game of Ur because it was discovered at Royal Cemetery at Ur by Leonard Woolley. He was an archeologist from Britain.



Facts about Dice 9: the types of dice

There were two types of dice found in the board games. Both were the tetrahedral rice and stick dice. The former one was the dice with four triangular faces. Look at facts about David Hilbert here.

Facts about Dice 10: dice during the Akkadian period

During the Akkadian period, the baked clay was applied to create dice.

Facts about Dice

Facts about Dice

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