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Facts about Dictionary tell you about a collection of words which contains one or more languages. When you check the dictionaries, they will inform you with translation, phonetics, etymologies, definitions, information, and pronunciations. The function of dictionaries depends on the type. The words written inside the dictionaries usually are arranged in alphabetical orders. Here are other interesting facts about dictionary to note:

Facts about Dictionary 1: lexicon

The term lexicon is also associated with dictionary for it is a book which contains words in a language but have their equivalents in other languages.

Facts about Dictionary 2: the major types of dictionaries

There are two major types of dictionaries. Both are the specialized dictionaries and general dictionaries.

Dictionary Facts

Dictionary Facts

Facts about Dictionary 3: the general dictionaries

The general dictionaries are used for every situation or daily basis. They are used for general purposes by the common people.

Facts about Dictionary 4: the specialized dictionaries

The specialized dictionaries are interested for specific purposes. They are not intended to be used by the ordinary people. When you check the specialized dictionaries, they present concept and terms. Find facts about Chinese Writing here.

Dictionary Images

Dictionary Images

Facts about Dictionary 5: other types of dictionaries

The other types of dictionaries are also available in the market. You can check the rhyming dictionaries, thesauri or dictionaries for synonyms, and translation dictionaries or bilingual dictionaries.

Facts about Dictionary 6: the first recorded dictionaries

The bilingual dictionaries were first spotted during the Sumerian times. Ladislav Zgusta was the person who initiated the study of systematic dictionaries in 20th century. Look at facts about APA here.

Dictionary Pictures

Dictionary Pictures

Facts about Dictionary 7: the oldest known dictionaries

Akkadian Empire cuneiform tablets were considered as the oldest known dictionaries dated back in 2300 BCE. They contained the wordlists of bilingual Sumerian-Akkadian languages.

Facts about Dictionary 8: Arabic dictionaries

The words  in Arabic dictionaries were arranged in several ways such as by the alphabetical order of the first letter, the alphabetical orders of the radicals or based on the rhyme order of the last syllable during the eighth and fourteenth centuries CE.



Facts about Dictionary 9: the Leiden Glossary

The Leiden Glossary was one of the common dictionaries used in medieval Europe.

Facts about Dictionary 10: the English language

The glossaries of French, Spanish or Latin words were considered as the earliest examples of dictionaries which contained the English languages. The dictionaries provided the words in English. John of Garland was an Englishman who coined the term dictionary in 1220 for he wrote a book Dictionarius.

Facts about Dictionary

Facts about Dictionary

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