10 Facts about Diego Costa

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Find out the useful information about a professional footballer on Facts about Diego Costa. He was born on October 7th, 1988 with the full name Diego da Silva Costa. Costa is appointed as a player in Spain national team. He also plays for Chelsea, a notable English football club as a striker.  The experts believe that Costa is a valuable, skilled and talented striker due to his ability to keep the ball, goalscoring as well as physicality. However, when he faced the opponents in the field, he was often punished and criticized due to his confrontation. Here are other facts about Costa to notice:

Facts about Diego Costa 1: the beginning of Costa’s career

The football career of Costa started when he was in Portugal playing for Braga and Penafiel. In 2007, he joined Atletico Madrid.

Facts about Diego Costa 2: Costa in 2009

In 2009, Costa joined Real Valladolid after he was loaned to Braga again. Costa had also played for Celta de Vigo and Albacete before.

Diego Costa Facts

Diego Costa Facts

Facts about Diego Costa 3: returning to Atletico Madrid

In the following season, Costa played for Atletico Madrid again where he became a central player in the club. He contributed for the league title of the club in 2014 after scoring 27 goals.

Facts about Diego Costa 4: Chelsea

As I have stated before, Chelsea is one of the major football clubs in England. Costa was traded to the club with the price of £32 million. Look at facts about David Ortiz here.

Diego Costa Images

Diego Costa Images

Facts about Diego Costa 5: the career of Costa in England

During the first season in England, Costa had made 21 goals with his new clubs. He had an important part when the club won the Premier League and League Cup.

Facts about Diego Costa 6: the citizenship of Costa

At first, Costa was a Brazilian citizen. He owned a Spanish citizenship after seven years of playing football in the country. He was naturalized.

Diego Costa Pic

Diego Costa Pic

Facts about Diego Costa 7: the international career

In 2013, Costa was the player for Brazil twice. In September 2013, he was granted with Spanish citizenship due to his intention to represent Spain in the international football. Find out facts about David Beckham here.

Facts about Diego Costa 8: the international debut with Spain

In March 2014, Costa had his international debut with Spain for the first time. He also took part at FIFA World Cup 2014.

Diego Costa Pictures

Diego Costa Pictures

Facts about Diego Costa 9: the early life of Costa

The birthplace of Costa was located in Lagarto, Sergipe, Brazil. His parents are José de Jesus and Josileide.

Facts about Diego Costa 10: his name

He was named by his father Diego Costa inspired from the famous footballer Diego Maradona.

Facts about Diego Costa

Facts about Diego Costa

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