10 Facts about Diego Rivera

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The following Facts about Diego Rivera below will tell the readers about the notable Mexican painter. He was born on 8th December 1886 and died on 24th November 1957. He contributed in the Mexican art due to his Mexican Mural Movement for his creation of large frescoes. His murals were seen in many cities in the world. In 1922 until 1953, he painted mural in New York City, Detroit, San Francisco, and Mexico City.

Facts about Diego Rivera 1: an exhibition

The Museum of Modern Art located in New York City hosted the exhibition of Rivera’s works in 1931.

Facts about Diego Rivera 2: Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo was a famous Mexican artist who had volatile marriage with Diego Rivera.

Diego Rivera Pictures

Diego Rivera Pictures

Facts about Diego Rivera 3: the birthplace of Rivera

The parents of Rivera were María Del Pilar Barrientos and Diego Rivera Acosta. He was born from a notable family. The birthplace of Rivera was located in Guanajuato, Mexico. Get facts about Dean Russo here.

Facts about Diego Rivera 4: Converso ancestry

Rivera stated that Jewishness is an important part of his life. He said that his ancestors were forced to convert to Catholicism from Judaism.

Diego Rivera Image

Diego Rivera Image

Facts about Diego Rivera 5: drawing

When he was 3 years old, he started to draw. He was given canvas on the walls and chalkboards by his parents. 

Facts about Diego Rivera 6: the first marriage

The first marriage of Rivera took place in 1911 with Rivera. Their son was born in 1916. The name was Diego. When he was still married to Beloff, Maria Vorobieff-Stebelska gave birth Rivera’s daughter in 1918 or 1919. The name of the daughter was Marika.

Diego Rivera

Diego Rivera

Facts about Diego Rivera 7: the second wife of Rivera

In June 1922, Rivera married to Guadalupe Marín, his second wife. The couple was blessed with two daughters. They were Ruth and Guadalupe. When Rivera met Frida Kahlo, his art student, he was still married.

Facts about Diego Rivera 8: marriage with Frida Kahlo

When Frida Kahlo was 22 years old, she married Rivera on 21 August 1929. Rivera was 42 years old. In 1939, the couple divorced because the violent temper of Rivera and their mutual infidelities. On 8th December 1940, the couple remarried again in San Francisco. Look at facts about Andre Derain here.

Diego Rivera Pic

Diego Rivera Pic

Facts about Diego Rivera 9: an atheist

Rivera was an atheist. There was an inscription of “God does not exist” on his mural Dreams of a Sunday. The painting was finally shown after he removed the inscription 9 years later.

Facts about Diego Rivera 10: the popularity

He began gaining attention of the people after he applied the vivid colors and simple forms in his painting in 1917.

Facts about Diego Rivera

Facts about Diego Rivera

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