10 Facts about Diego Velazquez

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Check the information about the Spanish painter on Facts about Diego Velazquez. During the Spanish Golden Age, he was considered as a prominent artist. In the court of King Philip IV, Velazquez served as the leading artist. He was baptized on 6th June 1599 and died on 6th August 1660. His full name is Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez. Here are other interesting facts about Velazquez for the readers:

Facts about Diego Velazquez 1: the works of Velazquez

Velazquez was a portrait artist. During the contemporary Baroque period, he was known as an individualistic artist.

Facts about Diego Velazquez 2: the portraits

There were various portraits of notable people that he had created. Those included the portraits of the commoners, prominent European figures and Spanish royal family.

Diego Velazquez Facts

Diego Velazquez Facts

Facts about Diego Velazquez 3: the masterpiece of Velazquez

Las Meninas (1656) is considered as the masterpiece of Velazquez. Look at facts about Diego Rivera here.

Facts about Diego Velazquez 4: the inspirations

The works of Velazquez were used as inspirations for the impressionist and realist painters during the 1st quarter of 19th century.

Diego Velazquez Image

Diego Velazquez Image

Facts about Diego Velazquez 5: the tribute

There is no need to wonder that many modern artists honored him due to his wonderful works. Some of the notable works of Velazquez had been recreated by the artists like Francis Bacon, Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso. 

Facts about Diego Velazquez 6: the early life

The birthplace of Velazquez was located in Seville, Andalucia, Spain. On 6th June 1599, Velazquez was baptized at the church of Saint Peter in Seville. His parents were João Rodrigues da Silva and Jerónima Velázquez.

Diego Velazquez Pictures

Diego Velazquez Pictures

Facts about Diego Velazquez 7: the education

His parents taught the young Velazquez to fear God. That’s why he was educated in philosophy and languages since his parents wanted him to have a learned profession.

Facts about Diego Velazquez 8: the genre scenes

The genre scenes that Velazquez painted were sacred. He had made Jesús y los peregrinos de Emaús and Adoración de los Reyes.

Diego Velazquez

Diego Velazquez

Facts about Diego Velazquez 9: as the court painter

Velazquez was appointed as the court painter due to the death of the favorite court painter of the king Rodrigo de Villandrando. Check facts about Derek Riggs here.

Facts about Diego Velazquez 10: the first portrait

The king was pleased with the portrait that Velazquez made for him. It was completed in a day. Philip IV sat for him on 16th August 1623.

Facts about Diego Velazquez

Facts about Diego Velazquez

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