10 Facts about Different Cultures

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If you are interested to know the various human civilizations in the world, check Facts about Different Cultures. Each country in the world has their tradition, habit, way of life and customs. The culture features various elements such as language, cuisine, art, literature, history, and others.  If you are interested to learn about culture, check the below post for it will explain the African, Mayan, Egyptian and other cultures.

Facts about Different Cultures 1: the African tribes

There are many tribes native to Africa. The Kalahari Desert is occupied by the Bushman tribes. Burkina Faso and Southeastern Mali are inhabited by the Dogon tribes. Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt and Libya are a home for the Berber tribes.

Facts about Different Cultures 2: the culture of Egypt

When people talk about the culture of Egypt, it always reminds them with the Pharaoh, mummifications, pyramids and sphinx. Find facts about British Culture here.

Different Cultures Images

Different Cultures Images

Facts about Different Cultures 3: Mayan culture

Learning Mayan culture will always make us impressed with their achievement in term of architecture, mathematics, and scriptures.

Facts about Different Cultures 4: the Colombian culture

The Colombian culture is a mixture of various cultures like native Indian, African and European cultures.

Different Cultures Pic

Different Cultures Pic

Facts about Different Cultures 5: Samoan culture

When we talk about Samoan, people imagine the beauty of beaches. It is one of the famous island countries in the world. People also recognize it as the land for the sailors and ships.

Facts about Different Cultures 6: the African cuisines

The exotic seafood, vegetables and tropical fruits are some characteristics of African cuisines. Pineapples, bananas, lemons, oranges, tomatoes, cinnamons, cloves, saffron, rice and corn are some East African cuisines. The peanut butter, ginger, okra, onions, chilies and peppers are some plants found in the cuisines of central Africa.

Different Cultures Pictures

Different Cultures Pictures

Facts about Different Cultures 7: the American people

America is diverse in culture because it is inhabited by many people around the world. You can find immigrants from Latin America, Africa, Asia, Italy, Poland, Germany and Ireland.

Facts about Different Cultures 8: the religions

Protestant Christianity is considered as the major religion in America. Other religions are also embraced like Buddhism, Catholicism, Islam, Hinduism and Judaism.

Facts about Different Cultures

Facts about Different Cultures

Facts about Different Cultures 9: the American art

At the beginning, the European art influenced the development of American art. The realistic style of paintings was found in portraits and landscape in the beginning of 19th century.  Look at facts about culture here.

Facts about Different Cultures 10: the culture of India

Some ancient Indian art can be seen on Madhubani paintings, Chola fresco paintings and rock carvings.

Different Culture

Different Culture

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