10 Facts about Different Insects

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Here are some interesting Facts about Different Insects to notice. The word insect is derived from the word insectum. It is a Latin word. The meaning of this word is cut into sections. The insects are characterized with the presence of 3 pairs of jointed legs, a three part body, a pair of antennae, compound eyes, and a chitinous exoskeleton. This class of invertebrates has the body consisting of abdomen, thorax and head.

Facts about Different Insects 1: the species of insects

There are at least one million insects which have been described by the experts. That’s why insects receive the status as the most diverse group of animals in the world. More than 50 percent of the all known living organism in the world is represented by insects.

Facts about Different Insects 2: the extant species of insects

There are around 6 to 10 million extant species of insects on the planet. More than 90 percent of animal life in the world is occupied by insects.

Different Insects Facts

Different Insects Facts

Facts about Different Insects 3: where to find insects?

It is very easy to find insects for they exist in almost all environments in the world. But the ocean is only occupied by a small number of species.

Facts about Different Insects 4: the life cycle

Most insects hatch from eggs, but their life cycle is varied. A series of molts are involved during the development of insects. The inelastic exoskeleton constrains the growth of insects. Look at facts about desert animals here.

Different Insects Images

Different Insects Images

Facts about Different Insects 5: the fossils of insects

Giant dragonflies dated back from Paleozoic era were considered as enormous insects. Their wingspans reached 22 to 28 inches or 55 to 70 cm.

Facts about Different Insects 6: water striders

Water striders are included as a type of insects. Do you know that they have the ability to walk on the water surface? Find facts about Daddy Long Legs here.

Different Insects Photo

Different Insects Photo

Facts about Different Insects 7: the solitary or social animals?

Most insects are solitary animals. It means that they live alone. But some insects are social like termites, ants and certain bees.

Facts about Different Insects 8: earwigs

Earwigs are the insects which guard the eggs and young. They also care for young.

Facts about Different Insects

Facts about Different Insects

Facts about Different Insects 9: the moths

The pheromones of female moths can be detected by the male moths in far distance.

Facts about Different Insects 10: communication using light

The light is used to communicate by Lampyridae in the beetle order Coleoptera.

Different Insects Pic

Different Insects Pic

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