10 Facts about Diffusion

Monday, September 5th 2016. | Science

If you like to talk about science, check Facts about Diffusion. The term diffusion is defined as the new movement of atoms or molecules from high chemical potential to a low chemical potential. The latter is defined as a region with low concentration, while the former one is used to call a region with high concentration. Some people also call this act as having a substance moving down to a concentration gradient. Here are other interesting facts about diffusion:

Facts about Diffusion 1: what is a gradient?

Can you explain about gradient? Have you ever heard about this term before? It is used to call the change of value in a quantity with the change of another variable. The former one can be the change in temperature, pressure, or concentration. The latter one can be the variable of distance.

Facts about Diffusion 2: pressure gradient

Pressure gradient is a term used to call a change in pressure over a distance.

Diffusion Pic

Diffusion Pic

Facts about Diffusion 3: a concentration gradient

A concentration gradient is defined as a change in concentration over a distance.

Facts about Diffusion 4: a temperature gradient

A temperature gradient is explained as a change of temperature over a distance. Find facts about deposition here.

Diffusion Images

Diffusion Images

Facts about Diffusion 5: the word diffusion

Diffusion is a term borrowed from Latin word, diffundere. The meaning of this word is to spread out. A substance is called having diffusion if it moves to a region with low concentration from a region with high concentration.

Facts about Diffusion 6: the bulk motion or bulk flow

The bulk flow or bulk motion is not required because the diffusion occurs due to the mass transport or mixing transport. Check facts about density here.

Diffusion Picture

Diffusion Picture

Facts about Diffusion 7: advection and convection

Diffusion is very different from advection and convection. The latter two ones will require bulk flow or motion to move the particles.

Facts about Diffusion 8: the concept of diffusion

The concept of diffusion is found in various fields like sociology, biology, physics, chemistry, finance and economics. The particle diffusion is found in physics.

Diffusion Pictures

Diffusion Pictures

Facts about Diffusion 9: diffusion in biology

The term diffusion is also found in biology to define the movement of molecules or ion. It is called as net diffusion or net movement.

Facts about Diffusion 10: oxygen molecules

One example of diffusion in biology is seen on the movement of oxygen molecules due to their movement down to the concentration gradient.

Facts about Diffusion

Facts about Diffusion

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