10 Facts about Dijon France

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Let me show you the interesting city located in eastern France on Facts about Dijon France. In the past, the city was called Divio during the Roman settlement. The city limits of Dijon feature the earliest archaeological findings dated back in Neolithic period. During the beginning of 11th century until the end of 15th century, the Dukes of Burgundy were housed in the province. Check other interesting facts about Dijon in the following post below:

Facts about Dijon France 1: the importance of Dijon

Dijon was a very important city in the past for it became the center of power and wealth. It also served as one of the best centers for science, learning and art from Europe.

Facts about Dijon France 2: the population

The great Dijon area was inhabited by 250,516 people based on the record in 2007. The city limits of Dijon were occupied by 151,576 people in 2008.

Dijon France Beauty

Dijon France Beauty

Facts about Dijon France 3: the architectural design

The architectural design in Dijon is varied. You can spot the Renaissance, Gothic or even Capetian architectural designs. Check facts about Detroit here.

Facts about Dijon France 4: the unique characteristics of architectural design

The architecture in the city is unique. The buildings are characterized by the presence of geometric patterns of tiles in black, yellow, green and terracotta.

Dijon France

Dijon France

Facts about Dijon France 5: the international exhibitions

There are various international exhibitions hosted in Dijon. In autumn, an International and Gastronomic Fair are held in the city annually. There are 200,000 visitors and 500,000 exhibitors who come to the fair.

Facts about Dijon France 6: Florissimo

Florissimo is another important affair in Dijon. It is an international flower show hosted for every 3 years. Look at facts about Dhaka here.

Facts about Dijon France

Facts about Dijon France

Facts about Dijon France 7: Dijon mustard

In 1856, Dijon mustard was originated from the city. It was established when the traditional mustard recipe with the verjuice for vinegar.

Facts about Dijon France 8: the historical center

The city also features the historical center. It was considered as the UNESCO World Heritage site since 4th July 2015.

Dijon France Pictures

Dijon France Pictures

Facts about Dijon France 9: the churches

There are many churches that you find in Dijon, France. They include Dijon Cathedral, St. Michel, St. Philibert, and Notre Dame de Dijon.

Facts about Dijon France 10: museums

You can also visit a lot of museums in Dijon. Musée des Beaux-Arts de Dijon is one of the famous museums. It is housed in Ducal Palace.

Dijon France Pic

Dijon France Pic

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