10 Facts about Dilophosaurus

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Find out the genus of theropod dinosaur on Facts about Dilophosaurus. Dilophosaurus wetherilli is considered as the single species in the genus. The fossils were found in Arizona, United States at Kayenta formation. The formation was traced back 193 million years ago during Sinemurian age or at the beginning of Jurassic Period. Check other interesting facts about Dilophosaurus below:

Facts about Dilophosaurus 1: the largest carnivores

During the period, Dilophosaurus was one of the largest carnivores in the world.  The skull featured a pair of rounded crests. The length of Dilophosaurus reached 7 meters.

Facts about Dilophosaurus 2: the weight

The weight of Dilophosaurus reached 880 lb or 400 kilogram. They had the length at 23 feet or 7 m.

Dilophosaurus Facts

Dilophosaurus Facts

Facts about Dilophosaurus 3: the teeth

There are 18 dentary teeth and 12 maxillary teeth owned by Dilophosaurus. They have long teeth even though the smaller ones were found in the tip of the upper jaw.

Facts about Dilophosaurus 4: the skull feature

When you check the picture or image of Dilophosaurus, the face or skull reminds the people with a crocodile due to the presence of a notch located behind the 1st row of teeth.



Facts about Dilophosaurus 5: the sexual dimorphism

The sexual dimorphism was not occurred on Dilophosaurus based on the study of Robert J. Gay in 2005. He compared different specimens of Dilophosaurus. In terms of skeletal anatomy, both female and male Dilophosaurus did not show distinction.

Facts about Dilophosaurus 6: how to differentiate Dilophosaurus

Dilophosaurus can be differentiated by checking some features based on the sturdy of Rauhut. They features included the presence of an anterior and posterior shoulder, neutral spines with a different central cap and a thick dorso-posterior rim.

Facts about Dilophosaurus

Facts about Dilophosaurus

Facts about Dilophosaurus 7: the rounded crests

It is very easy to spot the Dilophosaurus among other dinosaurs due to the presence of rounded crests on the skull.  The extension of nasal and lacrimal bones created the crests.

Facts about Dilophosaurus 8: speculations of the crests

The scientists are still on speculations and debates related to the function of the crests. Get facts about apatosaurus here.

Dilophosaurus Pic

Dilophosaurus Pic

Facts about Dilophosaurus 9: the functions of the crests

Many scientists believe that the crests were used to intimidate the potential predators, fight rivals and attract the mates.

Facts about Dilophosaurus 10: the first specimen of Dilophosaurus

Sam Welles revealed the first specimen of Dilophosaurus in the summer season, 1942. Check facts about Ceratosaurus here.

Dilophosaurus Painting

Dilophosaurus Painting

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