10 Facts about Dimples

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Facts about Dimples talk about the indentation on the flesh parts of the body which include the chin or cheek. Even though it is considered as a physical deformity, many people love dimples. A dimple is also called as a gelasin. When you make a facial expression, the dimple usually will occur. But there is no need to make a facial expression if you have chin dimple. Without making a facial expression, the dimple is already shown on the chin. In some cases, the dimples may be existed or vanished in a certain period of time. Here are other interesting facts about dimples to notice:

Facts about Dimples 1:  research about dimples

There are many researches of dimples which have been performed by the experts.

Facts about Dimples 2: the research of dimples in University of Utah

Dimples are considered as irregular dominant trait based on the research of University of Utah. Perhaps, a gene controls the dimple, but other genes may have affected it.

Dimple Facts

Dimple Facts

Facts about Dimples 3: the deformity

The culture views the dimples as sweet structure to have on the chin or cheek. But actually it is included as a facial muscle deformity.

Facts about Dimples 4: the formation of cheek dimples

The formation of cheek dimples is always associated with the bifid zygomaticus major muscle.

Dimples Pic

Dimples Pic

Facts about Dimples 5: a symbol of beauty

The people who have dimples on the cheek are considered as attractive and beautiful.  They believe that these people are blessed due to the naturally presented dimples. However, dimples can be a nightmare if they are available on the tights caused by the presence of folding cellulites.

Facts about Dimples 6: the location of dimples

Most people notice dimples only on the cheek and chin. This indentation of the skin actually can be found in other parts of the body like at the lower back and buttocks.

Facts about Dimples

Facts about Dimples

Facts about Dimples 7: the causes of dimples

The causes of dimples are determined based on the location of the dimples. Check facts about cosmetics here.

Facts about Dimples 8: inheritance

The dimples on the cheek are believed to be inherited by a single gene. The chance of having inherited dimples is around 25 to 50 percent if one of your parents has it.

Dimples Facts

Dimples Facts

Facts about Dimples 9: the parents with dimples

The chance of having dimples is increased to 50 percent until 100 percent if both of your parents own dimples.

Facts about Dimples 10: youth

Youth can be associated with dimple. When the old age comes, the dimples may disappear. Check facts about development here.

Dimple Images

Dimple Images

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