10 Facts about Dinosaur Fossils

Friday, September 9th 2016. | Science

Facts about Dinosaur Fossils tell you about the skeletons, bones, eggs and fossils of the notable prehistoric animals in the world. Today, many people are curios with the life of dinosaur in the past. They were considered as unique animals due to the big body size. Before human beings were around the planet, the space was filled with the avian and non avian dinosaurs. They have been extinct million years ago. The people can only trace their life through the fossils of dinosaurs scattered in each continent in the world. Read the whole post below if you want to know about the dinosaur fossils.

Facts about Dinosaur Fossils 1: where to find the dinosaur fossils

Do you know that dinosaur fossils have been found by the experts in every continent in the world? They are found in Antarctica too.

Facts about Dinosaur Fossils 2: the importance of dinosaur fossils

If you think that dinosaur fossils are not important, you are totally wrong. They give the hints for the people to understand the structure, feature and body shape of dinosaur. They also give us information related to the life during the prehistoric time.

dinosaur fossil

dinosaur fossil

Facts about Dinosaur Fossils 3: the gathered information

The information gathered by the experts is from the fossils of the internal organs, bones, footprints, stomach bones, feathers, eggs and feces of dinosaurs. Get facts about dinosaurs here.

Facts about Dinosaur Fossils 4: the number of species

The experts have described at least 1,000 different species of named dinosaurs through the discovered fossils.

dinosaur fossils facts

dinosaur fossils facts

Facts about Dinosaur Fossils 5: the eggs of dinosaurs

In the mid-1990s, the largest fossilized eggs were found in China. The width of the eggs is 8 inches or 20 cm. The length reaches 2 feet or 60 cm.

Facts about Dinosaur Fossils 6: Allosaurus

Allosaurus is considered as one of the members of Stegosaurus. They use the tail spikes to defend themselves from the meat eaters or carnivorous animals. Check facts about Dimetrodon here.

dinosaur fossils

dinosaur fossils

Facts about Dinosaur Fossils 7: the term dinosaur

In 1842, the term dinosaur was coined for the first time by Richard Owen. He was paleontologist from England. He picked the name of dinosaur due to the remains which had been found at that time like Hylaeosaurus, Iguanodon and Megalosaurus.

Facts about Dinosaur Fossils 8: Diplodocus

There are 80 vertebrae found on the tail of Diplodocus.

dinosaur fossils pictures

dinosaur fossils pictures

Facts about Dinosaur Fossils 9: the complete skeletons

The almost complete skeletons of dinosaur were found in New Jersey in 1858.

Facts about Dinosaur Fossils 10: the bipedal dinosaur

Before the discovery of dinosaur in New Jersey in 1858, many experts believed that dinosaur always had four legs. It proved that the dinosaur was bipedal too.

facts about dinosaur fossils

facts about dinosaur fossils

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