10 Facts about Dinosaurs

Thursday, September 8th 2016. | Animals

Here are several Facts about Dinosaurs to notice. During the Triassic period, the clade Dinosauria appeared for the first time on earth. The people are still in active debate when talking about the evolution and exact origin of dinosaurs. It was believed that dinosaurs were originated from 231 to 243 million years ago. After the Triassic-Jurassic extinction event which took place 201 million years ago, the Dinosaurs were called as the dominant terrestrial vertebrates.

Facts about Dinosaurs 1: the dominance of Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs were considered as the dominant animals during the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.

Facts about Dinosaurs 2: the extinction of Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs were extinct around 66 million years ago because of Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event. The experts believe that all groups of dinosaurs were all extinct until the beginning of 20th century.

dinosaur pic

dinosaur pic

Facts about Dinosaurs 3: birds

The birds are considered as the modern descendants of the feathered dinosaurs based on the fossil records. The experts believe that the theropod evolved into birds. Today, they are called as avian dinosaurs.

Facts about Dinosaurs 4: the term dinosaurs

The term dinosaurs in general are used to call the avian and non avian dinosaurs. But some people use the word birds to call the avian dinosaurs. Find facts about dinosaur extinction here.

facts about dinosaurs

facts about dinosaurs

Facts about Dinosaurs 5: the presence of dinosaurs

Based on the fossil records, dinosaurs were found living in each continent in the world. Some of them are carnivorous, while others are herbivorous. 

Facts about Dinosaurs 6: the common characteristics of dinosaurs

The crests and horns are the major characteristics of dinosaurs. In other species, you can spot the presence of modified spines and bony armor. Most dinosaurs performed nest building and egg lying.



Facts about Dinosaurs 7: the largest sauropod dinosaurs

The height of the largest sauropod dinosaurs reached 59 feet or 18 meters. The length was 130 feet or 39.7 meters. Most of them had large body.

Facts about Dinosaurs 8: the birds and size

Birds are considered as the present day surviving lineage of dinosaurs. They have small body size because of the flight.

dinosaurs facts

dinosaurs facts

Facts about Dinosaurs 9: Xixianykus

Xixianykus is an example of a small dinosaur. It had the length at 20 inches or 50 cm. Look at facts about Allosaurus here.

Facts about Dinosaurs 10: the public enthusiasm

The public enthusiasm related to the discovery and researches about dinosaurs is very high. That’s why; the experts can get enough funding to do further scientific researches and discoveries.



Are you impressed after reading facts about dinosaurs?

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