10 Facts about Diocletian

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Let me show you the interesting information about the Roman emperor on Facts about Diocletian. He was born in 244 and died in 311. He took the throne from 284 until 305. His birth name was Diocles. If you think that Diocletian was from a noble family, you are wrong. His family only owned low status in Rome. But Diocletian earned higher rank under Emperor Carus when he was appointed as the cavalry commander. Here are other useful facts about Diocletian to notice:

Facts about Diocletian 1: as an emperor

Diocletian was proclaimed as the Roman emperor due to the death of Emperor Carus and his son Numerian. Both died due to their military campaigns in Persia.

Facts about Diocletian 2: Carinus

Carinus was the surviving son of Emperor Carus who claimed the title as the Roman emperor. During the Battle of the Margus, Diocletian defeated Carinus and secured his position as the emperor.  

diocletian statue

diocletian statue

Facts about Diocletian 3: the reign of Diocletian

The Crisis of the Third Century ended under the reign of Diocletian. The Roman Empire was also stabilized by this new emperor. In 286, he was selected as the co-emperor as fellow officer Maximian. Check facts about ancient Roman art here.

Facts about Diocletian 4: the junior co-emperors

Diocletian also had junior co-emperors that he appointed on 1st March 293. The Caesars included Galerius and Constantius.  A quarter division of the Roman Empire would be ruled by each emperor. Diocletian applied the rule of four or ‘tetrarchy’ system.



Facts about Diocletian 5: the successful campaigns

There were several successful military campaigns conducted by Diocletian.  In 297 and 298, he led a successful campaign by defeating usurpers in Egypt. In 288, the Alamanni was defeated. In 285 and 299, the Sarmatians and Carpi were defeated by this emperor.

Facts about Diocletian 6: new administrative centres

There were new administrative centers built by Diocletian.  It was housed in Trier, Antioch, Mediolanum and Nicomedia. Look at facts about Constantine the Great here.

diocletian pictures

diocletian pictures

Facts about Diocletian 7: as autocrat

Diocletian was known as an autocrat due to his absolutism. The expenditure of the state was escalated due to the constant military campaigns, military growth, bureaucratic development and construction projects. Therefore, he had to raise the tax.

Facts about Diocletian 8: the unsuccessful plans

There were several unsuccessful plans of Diocletian. He applied the price control to lower the inflation. It failed.

diocletian facts

diocletian facts

Facts about Diocletian 9: the collapse of his tetrarchic system

The tetrarchic system of Diocletian finally collapsed because of the claims of sons of Maximian and Constantius. They were Maxentius and Constantine.

Facts about Diocletian 10: leaving the imperial office

On 1st May 305, the weakened and ill Diocletian left the office voluntarily.

diocletian images

diocletian images

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