10 Facts about Dionysus

Friday, September 9th 2016. | Mythology

Find out the valuable information about the god associated with fertility, ritual of madness, winemaking, grape harvest, religious ecstasy, wine and theater on Facts about Dionysus. Dionysus is one of the notable gods in Greek mythology.  This god played an important role because wine was vital in the culture of Greece. There were cults of Dionysus which worshipped this god. Here are other interesting facts about Dionysus to notice:

Facts about Dionysus 1: the twelve Olympians

The twelve Olympians were considered as the most significant gods which lived in Mount Olympus. Do you know that he was the last god accepted in Mt Olympus? That’s why Dionysus received wide popularity.

Facts about Dionysus 2: the unique Dionysus

The status of Dionysus as an Olympian god was unique. He was the only one who owned a mortal mother. Moreover, he was the youngest of all.

dionysus images

dionysus images

Facts about Dionysus 3: the festivals of Dionysus

The development of Greek theater was driven due to the festivals to honor Dionysus. That’s why he was also known as a good of theater.

Facts about Dionysus 4: the cult images of Dionysus

Dionysus was depicted as a robed, bearded and mature male figure in the earliest cult images. He touches a fennel staff with a pine cone on its tip. However, he was described as half naked or completely naked androgynous youth with sensuous and breadless look in the later images.



Facts about Dionysus 5: a chariot

Dionysus had a chariot pulled by tigers or lions. The drunken and bearded Silenus can be found attending the chariot.

Facts about Dionysus 6: as a protector

Dionysus was known as a protector by the city religions. He was known from protecting the people from the unexpected, dangerous and chaotic things.

dionysus pictures

dionysus pictures

Facts about Dionysus 7: Dionysus in Greek mythology

Dionysus was the son of the mortal Semele and Zeus. But it was also believed that he was the son of Persephone or Demeter with Zeus. Find facts about Demeter Goddess here.

Facts about Dionysus 8: who was Semele?

Semele was a mortal woman who gave birth to Dionysus. The father of Semele was King Cadmus of Thebes.

facts about dionysus

facts about dionysus

Facts about Dionysus 9: Hermes

Another mythology stated that Hermes cared the infant Dionysus. But another story stated that King Athamas and his wife Ino took care of him.

Facts about Dionysus 10: raise as a girl

Hermes asked King Athamas and Ino to raise Dionysus as a girl to save him from Hera, the wife of Zeus who was mad with the affair of his husband with Semele. Look at facts about Cupid here.

dionysus pic

dionysus pic

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