10 Facts about Diorite

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Let me show you one of the igneous rocks on Facts about Diorite. The primary components of diorite include biotite, andesine, pyroxene and homblende. It has intermediate chemical composition. It sits in the middle of mafic gabbro and felsic granite. The grey or dark grey diorite is very common to spot in the world. But you can also find this rock in greenish, bluish grey and black hues. Here are other interesting facts about diorite to notice:

Facts about Diorite 1: the difference of diorite and gabbro

Diorite and gabbro are different in term of plagioclase species. Diorite has low level of calcium and high level of sodium.

Facts about Diorite 2: the small components of diorite

Olivine, microcline and quartz are other components of diorite. But they occupy small parts of diorite.

diorite images

diorite images

Facts about Diorite 3: the accessory minerals

The accessory minerals of diorite include sulfides, ilmenite, magnetite, titanite, apatite and zircon.

Facts about Diorite 4: leucodiorite

Leucodiorite is a term used to call the different deficient in dark mineral and hornblende. The grade of the rock is turned into ferrodiorite if the iron rich augite like olivine is presented.

diorite textures

diorite textures

Facts about Diorite 5: granodiorite or monzodiorite

The rock grade will be turned into granodiorite or monzodiorite if the presence of potassium feldspar is more than 10 percent. It becomes the totaline if the presence of quartz is bigger than 20 percent. If the presence of quartz is greater than 5 percent, it will be included as a rock type quartz diorite.

Facts about Diorite 6: the formation of diorite

The formation of diorite is caused by the partial melting of a mafic rock located at the top of a subduction area.

diorite pictures

diorite pictures

Facts about Diorite 7: association

Diorite is always connected with gabbro or even granite due to the chemical composition. But this rock is considered as a rare one in the world. Check facts about density here.

Facts about Diorite 8: the production of diorite

The common production of diorite is found in Andes Mountains due to the presence cordilleran building.

diorite pic

diorite pic

Facts about Diorite 9: the sources of diorite

Diorite can be found in several localities in the world like in the Darrans range of New Zealand, Aberdeenshire in United Kingdom, Leicestershire in UK, the Andes Mountains, Thuringia and Saxony in Germany and Northeastern Turkey.

Facts about Diorite 10: the usage of diorite

Due to the hard texture of diorite, it was primarily used to work granite during the ancient civilizations. Get facts about diamonds here.

facts about diorite

facts about diorite

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