10 Facts about Dip

Sunday, September 11th 2016. | Health

Get Facts about Dip in the below post if you want to be informed with an exercise used in strength training. The triceps can be trained by using the shoulder-width dips. The primary synergists of this exercise will involve the rhomboid muscles located at the back along with the pectoral muscles which include minor, clavicular and sternal and anterior deltoid. Here are other interesting facts about dip to notice:

Facts about Dip 1: the pectoral muscles

If you are more interested to focus this dip training on the pectoral muscles, you can do the wide arm training. This training will focus less on the triceps for it is a little bit similar with wide grip bench press training.

Facts about Dip 2: floor dip

The term push-up or press-up is more popular now to call the traditional term floor dip in the past decades.



Facts about Dip 3: how to perform a dip

You can perform a dip by hanging on a dip bar. If there is no dip bar, you can use a set of rings to hang. Check facts about diet here.

Facts about Dip 4: the body position

The shoulder of the exerciser should be over the hands with the arms straight down. Then you need to lower the body until the arms are in 90 degrees position. Then return to the starting position by lifting the again.

facts about dips

facts about dips

Facts about Dip 5: the people with short height

The people with short height are not benefited when they have to cope with a wider grip. But they can enjoy a sense of comfort when performing a narrower grip. 

Facts about Dip 6: the shoulder joints

The shoulder joints of human being are very flexible. That’s why it is always recommended for the people to lock the joints as much as they can during the dip exercise.

dip training

dip training

Facts about Dip 7: the variations

There are many variations of dip exercise. You can do it not only on a dip bar. If you are bored and watch some challenges, you can wear backpacks with weights inside it. It will increase the strength to do the dip. You can use the weighted vest or dip belt. Get facts about cholesterol here.

Facts about Dip 8: a dumbbell

If you are interested to use dumbbells, put them on the ankles or knees.

dip image

dip image

Facts about Dip 9: the less resistance

If you are not interested with strong resistance, you can use the assisted pull-up machine.

Facts about Dip 10: bench dip

The term bench dip is used to call a lighter variation of dip training.



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