10 Facts about Dire Wolves

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Facts about Dire Wolves explain an extinct species of genus Canis. The biological name of this wolf is Canis dirus. It means fearsome dog. The primary competitor of dire wolves is the sabre-toothed cat called Smilodon. Both creatures are extinct. This carnivorous animal received wider fame in North America. Let me show you other interesting facts about dire wolves by reading the below post:

Facts about Dire Wolves 1: when did dire wolves live?

The life of dire wolves was dated back around 125,000 to 10,000 years ago during the Late Pleistocene Epoch in America.

Facts about Dire Wolves 2: the first specimen of dire wolves

In 1854, the first specimen of dire wolves was discovered in Ohio, United States. In 1858, the species was named.

dire wolves facts

dire wolves facts

Facts about Dire Wolves 3: the subspecies of dire wolves

Dire wolves have two subspecies. They are Canis dirus dirus and Canis dirus guildayi. The experts believe that Canis ambrusteri was the ancestor of Dire Wolves.

Facts about Dire Wolves 4: the fossils of dire wolves

The Rancho La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles, California is the site which contains the largest collection of dire wolf’s fossils.

dire wolf

dire wolf

Facts about Dire Wolves 5: the habitat

Dire wolves lived in different kinds of habitats in North America like grasslands, plains, and forested mountain. They lived in South America too where they chose to dwell in the arid savannahs.

Facts about Dire Wolves 6: the elevation of the habitat

Dire wolves could be found living in the habitat which had the height at 7,400 feet or 2,255 meter above the sea elevation. Check facts about different insects here.

dire wolf pic

dire wolf pic

Facts about Dire Wolves 7: the body size of dire wolves

The body size of dire wolves was similar with Canis lupus or gray wolves. Canis dirus dirus had the weight at 150 lb or 68 kilogram.

Facts about Dire Wolves 8: the canine tooth

Compared to all Canis species, dire wolves has the strongest bite with their canine tooth. Moreover, they also owned the greater shearing ability and larger teeth.

dire wolves pic

dire wolves pic

Facts about Dire Wolves 9: the prey

Bison, horse, camels, mastodon and sloth were some prey of dire wolves. Get facts about dinosaurs here.

Facts about Dire Wolves 10: the cause of extinction

The cause of the extinction of dire wolves is due to their reliance on the megaherbivores. Other causes are probably due to the competition with other species as well as the climate changes. Until today, the experts are still in debate about the cause of extinction.

facts about dire wolves

facts about dire wolves

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