10 Facts about Dirk Hartog

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Facts about Dirk Hartog tell the readers about a Dutch sailor and explorer in 17th century. He was baptized in Amsterdam on October 30th, 1580. He was buried in Amsterdam on October 11th, 1621. The expedition of Hartog to Australia was considered as the second one from Europe. The famous one from Hartog was his Hartog’s plate where it featured an artifact recording his visit in Australia. Get other facts about Hartog by checking the entire post below:

Facts about Dirk Hartog 1: the alternative spelling of his name

There are several alternative spellings for Dirk Hartog. Theodoric Hertoge was a name used by Ernest Giles to call Hartog. Other alternatives include Dierick Hartochsz and Dirck Hartog.

Facts about Dirk Hartog 2: the first ship’s command

The first ship’s command for Hartog was at the age of 30. Talking about his family, he had seafaring background. Find facts about different cultures here.

dirk hartog island

dirk hartog island

Facts about Dirk Hartog 3: the trading ventures

Hartog was engaged in successful trading ventures when he commanded the ships for some years along the Mediterranean and Baltic seas.

Facts about Dirk Hartog 4: as master of a ship

Hartog took the role as the master of a ship when he worked for Dutch East India Company in 1616. He led the ship to reach Dutch East Indies from the Netherlands.

dirk hartog journey

dirk hartog journey

Facts about Dirk Hartog 5: the Cape of Good Hop

Hartog and his ship landed at the Cape of Good Hope after being separated from other VOC ships due to the storm. Actually his ship and other VOC ships set sail from the Netherlands in January 1616. The Cape today is called as Cape Town, South Africa.

Facts about Dirk Hartog 6: the Roaring Forties

The Roaring Forties was a term used to call strong westerly winds that Hartog utilized when he wanted to reach Batavia across the Indian Ocean.

dirk hartog

dirk hartog

Facts about Dirk Hartog 7: an uninhabited island

Hartog and his crew surprisingly landed on uninhabited islands on 25th October 1616. He landed at an island called Dirk Hartog island today located off the coast of Shark Bay, Western Australia.  Check facts about Australian History here.

Facts about Dirk Hartog 8: Willem Janszoon

Willem Janszoon was the first European who made an expedition to an Australian land. Hartog was the second one.

dirk hartog map

dirk hartog map

Facts about Dirk Hartog 9: the examination and observation

He used Eendrachtsland to call the areas around the coast and islands. He created a pewter plate which recorded his journey on a post. It is called Hartog plate today.

Facts about Dirk Hartog 10: Batavia

In December 1616, Hartog landed on Batavia after leaving the coast since he found nothing interesting there.

facts about dirk hartog

facts about dirk hartog

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