10 Facts about Dirt

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Facts about Dirt will explain unclean matter which creates dirty look on the house, skin, and clothes. There are several types of dirt that you can find in the surrounding environment. They include dust, soil, grime and filth. The latter one is defined as a foul matter which includes excrement. Soot is included as grime for it is black dust. The general powder of mineral and organic matter is the definition for dust.  The mixture of humus, sand and clay is called soil. It can be found on the top of bed rock. Check other interesting facts about dirt by reading the following post:

Facts about Dirt 1: dirt as an art theme

Dirt is not always a bad thing. In 2011, Wellcome Trust sponsored a dirt theme for a season of artworks and exhibits. Find facts about desert environment here.

Facts about Dirt 2: the centerpiece of the exhibition

The notable dirt found in the Fresh Kills landfill and the great dust heaps at Euston and King’s Cross in the 19th century were exhibited during the Wellcome Collection in 2011.

dirt facts

dirt facts

Facts about Dirt 3: computer keyboard

The computer keyboard is very prone to dirt. Compared to a lavatory seat, it has 70 times more microbes. Therefore, you need to perform regular cleaning on the keyboard.

Facts about Dirt 4: cleaning ideas

There are many cleaning ideas to perform when you find the surface of the house getting dirty. The best one is by using the mixture of cleaning solution and water.

facts about dirt

facts about dirt

Facts about Dirt 5: the domestic activities

There are various domestic activities that you can do regularly to clean the house such as sweeping, mopping and washing.

Facts about Dirt 6: the dirty appearance

The dirty appearance is not good in the residential and commercial buildings. One of the best places that should be clean all of the time is the restaurant.

dirt textures

dirt textures

Facts about Dirt 7: classification of dirt

There are three classifications of dirt. They are deliberate, permanent and temporary dirt. Check facts about deforestation here.

Facts about Dirt 8: the deliberate dirt

The design decision is considered as the cause of the deliberate dirt. It can be seen in grunge style or dirty orange.

dirt images

dirt images

Facts about Dirt 9: the permanent dirt

It is not easy to remove the permanent dirt. You need to perform a major remodeling project to eliminate this ingrained stain.

Facts about Dirt 10: the temporary dirt

It is easy to remove the temporary dirt. A simple daily cleaning works well for removing the dirt.

dirt pictures

dirt pictures

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