10 Facts about Dirty Dancing

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The popular American romantic drama movie released in 1987 is explained on Facts about Dirty Dancing. Emile Ardolino directed the movie. Eleanor Bergstein wrote the script. The lead roles in the movie included Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Grey, Jerry Orbach and Cynthia Rhodes. Dirty Dancing was an amazing movie with box office hit. No one would believe that it was only a low budget movie. There were no prominent stars in the movie except Orbach who had a supporting role in the movie. He was considered as a Broadway legend. Here are other interesting facts about Dirty Dancing:

Facts about Dirty Dancing 1: the earning of Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing has collected more than $214 million as of 2009. The home video of Dirty Dancing was sold more than a million. It was the first movie which earned the title.

Facts about Dirty Dancing 2: the soundtrack

The soundtrack of Dirty Dancing was also popular among the spectators. There were two multi-platinum albums and multiple singles received by the soundtrack of Dirty Dancing. Jimmy Lenner was the creator of the soundtrack.

dirty dancing facts

dirty dancing facts

Facts about Dirty Dancing 3: “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life”

“(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” was the most popular song of this movie. This single earned a Grammy Award for best duet, Golden Globe and Academy Award for Best Original Song. Check facts about directing here.

Facts about Dirty Dancing 4: the prequel

Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights is the prequel of Dirty Dancing. It was released in 2004. Due to the extensive popularity of Dirty Dancing, the stage version is also made. It has been performed in North America, Europe and Australia.

facts about dirty dancing

facts about dirty dancing

Facts about Dirty Dancing 5: a remake

Kenny Ortega made an announcement related to the plan for remaking Dirty Dancing in 2011. He would be the director. In the original movie, Ortega was the choreographer. 

Facts about Dirty Dancing 6: postponing the remake

The remake was postponed by Lionsgate because of casting on 8th June 2012.

dirty dancing images

dirty dancing images

Facts about Dirty Dancing 7: a TV movie

Dirty Dancing remake was announced to be released as a TV movie in February 2015. In July 2015, it was postponed again. ABC then picks the remake, and will like to release it in 2016. Look at facts about Dhoom 3 here.

Facts about Dirty Dancing 8: Dirty Dancing Festival

Due to the amazing popularity of Dirty Dancing, Lake Lure in North California hosts a Dirty Dancing Festival.

dirty dancing movie

dirty dancing movie

Facts about Dirty Dancing 9: the lead role

Patrick Swayze took the role as Johnny Castle. Jennifer Grey portrayed Frances “Baby” Houseman.

Facts about Dirty Dancing 10: the soundtracks

The soundtracks of Dirty Dancing include “Big Girls Don’t Cry”, “Overload”, “Do You Love Me”, and “Where Are You Tonight?”

dirty dancing pic

dirty dancing pic

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