10 Facts about Disabilities

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Let me show you the valuable Facts about Disabilities in the following post below. This condition is defined based on the impairment on the development, sensory, mental, intellectual, cognitive, and physical and combination of those conditions. Due to the impairment, the ability of a person to move or do the daily activities is bothered. What is considered normal in the society is not applicable to the disabled people. Here are other facts about disabilities to notice:

Facts about Disabilities 1: the term disability

The activity limitations, impairments and restriction to participate are included in disabilities.  The latter one is defined when a person experiences a problem when they have to involve in community life. The former one is used to call when a person has a difficulty to execute an action or task. The problem on the body structure or function is called as the impairment.

Facts about Disabilities 2: a complex phenomenon

Disability is not a simple phenomenon. It is super complex because it will define in interaction of the society and disabled person. Check facts about development here.



Facts about Disabilities 3: a person with a disability

Rather than using the term handicapped, it is better for you to use the term a person with a disability.

Facts about Disabilities 4: aging and disabilities

When the people are aging, the risk of having disabilities is increased. It can be related to the mental and physical impartment.

people with disability

people with disability

Facts about Disabilities 5: disability and poverty

There are several factors which connect poverty and disability. It will be hard for the people with disability to get earning. Therefore, the access to health care is limited.

Facts about Disabilities 6: the health care

There was a report which stated that nearly 50 percent of the people with disabilities cannot enjoy health care due to the lack of income.

facts about disabilities

facts about disabilities

Facts about Disabilities 7: disasters

Disaster can be one of the primary causes of disabilities of people besides aging. However, the report related to the impact of disaster to the people with disabilities is still limited.

Facts about Disabilities 8: discrimination

During the disaster cycle, the discrimination is often faced on the people with disabilities.

disabled people

disabled people

Facts about Disabilities 9: the function

There are nine major domains which can be affected by disabilities. They include social and civil life, community life, communication, applying knowledge, learning, general task, self care, domestic life and many more. Check facts about dimples here.

Facts about Disabilities 10: the workplace

It is hard for the people to access the workplace if there is lack of wheelchair access for those who have a spine cord injury.

disabled person

disabled person

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