10 Facts about Disasters

Wednesday, September 14th 2016. | Disasters

Facts about Disasters show the interesting information about a severe disruption which affects the society and community. The negative impacts of disaster include death, environmental destruction, economic loss and material impacts. Disaster is often perceived as the impact of an improper managed risk based on the point of view of the contemporary academia. The combination of vulnerability and hazards increases the risk of having disaster. Check other useful facts about disaster below:

Facts about Disasters 1: the vulnerability

The vulnerability will affect the risk of having disasters.  The area struck by hazards will never face a disaster if it has low vulnerability. This condition applies for unoccupied areas.

Facts about Disasters 2: the developing countries

The greatest cost is suffered by the people who live in developing countries if their areas are damaged by disasters.

facts about disasters

facts about disasters

Facts about Disasters 3: the hazards and death

The hazard is considered as the cause of 95 percent of all deaths in the developing countries. The developing countries suffer 20 times greater losses than the industrialized countries in term of natural hazards.

Facts about Disasters 4: researches about disaster

Disaster is one of the interesting topics of researches around the world due to the negative impacts that human beings will encounter if they take place. More than a century, people have studied about disasters. Get facts about cyclone Yasi here.

disaster pictures

disaster pictures

Facts about Disasters 5: human made disasters

Some studies believe that disasters are human made. Therefore, they can be prevented before the disasters occur and take great loses.

Facts about Disasters 6: the disaster management measure

The disaster management measure is considered one of the best ways that people can do to prevent disasters. When disasters occur, it is considered as a human failure to apply the proper management.  Look at facts about Cumbrian Floods here.



Facts about Disasters 7: the divisions of disasters

Disaster is divided in two sections. It can be human made disaster or natural disaster.

Facts about Disasters 8: the bigger impact of disasters

The impact of a disaster will be increased if the secondary disaster spawns the next impact. For instance, tsunami is caused by an earthquake which leads into flooding in the coastal areas.

natural disaster

natural disaster

Facts about Disasters 9: natural disaster

A natural disaster is caused by a natural phenomenon or process. This condition can lead into the loss of property, life, economy and other aspects of life. The examples of natural disaster include volcanic eruptions, landslides, earthquakes, cyclones, tsunamis, blizzards, tornadoes, floods, and hurricanes.

Facts about Disasters 10: the manmade disasters

Some instances of manmade disasters are the terrorist attacks and airplane crashes. Both can create property damage, death and pollutions.



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