10 Facts about Discipleship

Wednesday, September 14th 2016. | Religion

Facts about Discipleship tell you about the students of Jesus that you can find in the Gospels and Acts of the New Testament. Only some students were selected as the disciples of Jesus Christ even though he had many followers. It was emphasized that becoming the disciples were not easy. They would get a mission and have to complete it.  The mission was seen in the conversion of Paul, the Little Commission or even the Great Commission after Jesus’ resurrection. Here are other facts to notice about discipleship:

Facts about Discipleship 1: the word disciple

The Koine Greek word mathetes is considered as the origin of the word disciple.  The meaning of this word is of a teacher or a pupil. The Latin word discipulus means a learner. The word disciple in English means a student.

Facts about Discipleship 2: disciple and apostle

If you think that the words apostle and disciple have similar meaning, you are wrong. The former word is considered as a messenger.

discipleship facts

discipleship facts

Facts about Discipleship 3: the meaning of disciple and apostle

An apostle has the job to deliver the message or teaching to other people. On the other hand, a disciple is the one who studies from a teacher.

Facts about Discipleship 4: the Sermon on the Plain

If you check the passage of the Sermon on the Plain, a much larger group is spotted as the disciples of Jesus in addition to the 12 apostles.

facts about disabilities

facts about disabilities

Facts about Discipleship 5: preparation

Based on Luke 10, there are 70 or 72 people in pairs to set the way for Jesus. The number is different based on the available source. This group is often called as Seventy Disciples or Seventy.

Facts about Discipleship 6: the job of the Seventy

There are various jobs performed by the Seventy Disciples. They tell the people that the Kingdom of God is coming. They also heal the sick people. They will eat the offered foods. Check facts about Christianity here.

discipleship pictures

discipleship pictures

Facts about Discipleship 7: open table fellowship

There was an open table fellowship conducted by Jesus where he dined with women, tax collectors and sinners.

Facts about Discipleship 8: the ministry of Jesus

The ministry of Jesus Christ was extended in many regions and people with different backgrounds including the Samaritans.

discipleship image

discipleship image

Facts about Discipleship 9: Catholic folklore

Mary who was the sister of Lazarus was considered as Mary Magdalene in Catholic folklore.

Facts about Discipleship 10: Mary Magdalene

Besides the 12 Apostles, the most famous female disciple of Jesus was Mary Magdalene. Actually there Jesus Christ had many other female followers. Look at facts about different religions here.

discipleship jesus

discipleship jesus

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