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One of the popular genres of dance music is explained on Facts about Disco.  The music is unique since it contains various components of salsa, pop, soul and funk. In the mid 1970s and late 1980s, disco was very popular in the world.  In 1960s and 1970s, the club-lovers from psychedelic, Italian Americans, Africa Americans, and Latino gay communities from Philadelphia were the first fans of disco. Let’s find out other interesting facts about disco below:

Facts about Disco 1: the rise of disco

Disco rose into popularity due to the counterculture of dance music as well as the domination of rock music. The audiences of disco were from different backgrounds. Men and women loved it.

Facts about Disco 2: the primary musical instruments in disco tracks

The horns, electric rhythm guitars, string sections, and electric piano are considered as the common musical instruments used in most disco songs.

disco balls

disco balls

Facts about Disco 3: the features of disco sound

The common features found in disco sound include 16th note hi-hat pattern and 8th note hi-hat pattern. It also employs notable electric bass line and a steady four on the floor beat.

Facts about Disco 4: the lead guitar

The lead guitar is used more in rock than in disco. When the solo melodies are played, the flute is often employed just like any other orchestral instruments. Check facts about Dean Martin here.



Facts about Disco 5: electronic synthesizers

In the end of 1970s, the disco music often featured the electronic synthesizers.  

Facts about Disco 6: the disco performers

If you are still in love with disco, can you mention some notable disco performers in 1970s? They included Gloria Gaynor, KC, Donna Summer, Chic, The Trammps, Boney M, the Bee Gees and Sunshine Band.

facts about disco

facts about disco

Facts about Disco 7: the disco development

The development of disco sound actually was at the hand of the record producers who worked behind the singers and performers. But they only received small attention from the public.

Facts about Disco 8: the movies and disco

Due to the excellent popularity of disco music, there were many movies featuring the disco songs such as Thank God It’s Friday (1978) and Saturday Night Fever (1977).

disco pictures

disco pictures

Facts about Disco 9: the decline of disco music

In 1980, the popularity of disco music in United States decreased. By 1981, it was no longer popular in the country. Look at facts about David Bowie here.

Facts about Disco 10: Disco Demolition Night

The decline of disco music was mainly caused by Disco Demolition Night on 12th July 1979 in Chicago. It was an anti disco protest.

disco lights

disco lights

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