10 Facts about Discrimination

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Facts about Discrimination will tell you about one of the prominent human social affairs in the world. When a person is discriminated, he or she receives a different treatment based on the category, class or group. They are not seen based on the individual merit but based on the category, class or group.  Discrimination is not a new thing to discuss for it occurs in many institutions and countries in the world. It is embedded in laws, practices, ideas, policies and traditions. Here are other facts about discrimination to note:

Facts about Discrimination 1: affirmative action

The affirmative action was a policy created by the government of United States to increase the employment and enrollment of the African Americans and women in the university and workplaces. Both groups had been under discrimination for a very long period of time.

Facts about Discrimination 2: ageism

The discrimination based on the age is called ageism. This type of discrimination is often faced by kids, adolescent or senior people.

discrimination facts

discrimination facts

Facts about Discrimination 3: job

More than 40 percent of firms will like to interview the young adult job applicants than the older ones.

Facts about Discrimination 4: job applicants in Belgium

The heterogeneous result is spotted in Belgium related to the ageism of job applications. The older job applicants will receive discrimination if they have irrelevant employment and years of inactivity. If they have additional post education, they will receive more attention. Look facts about different types of bullying here.

discrimination pictures

discrimination pictures

Facts about Discrimination 5: survey of ageism

29 percent of the respondents in a survey held by University of Kent, England stated that they received ageism.

Facts about Discrimination 6: caste discrimination

More than 250 million people in the world suffered the case discrimination based on the report of Human Rights Watch and UNICEF.

discrimination pic

discrimination pic

Facts about Discrimination 7: the common case discrimination

The caste discrimination is mainly sported in Africa and some countries in Asia like Bangladesh, India, Japan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and China.  Check facts about diaspora here.

Facts about Discrimination 8: the Dalits in India

The number of Dalits in India reached 200 million people based on the report in 2011. They were formerly called as the untouchables.  

facts about discrimination

facts about discrimination

Facts about Discrimination 9: the racial discrimination

The racial discrimination occurs in many parts of the world. The apartheid era was spotted in South Africa where the Africans were subordinated.

Facts about Discrimination 10: Vietnamese refugees

The Vietnamese refugees faced discrimination when they relocated to United States after the Vietnam War.

race discrimination

race discrimination

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