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Let me show you one of the most popular sports on Facts about Discus. The word discus is used to call a heavy disc. This sport is defined as a track and field event. To win in the sport, the athlete has to throw the discus farther than his or her competitors. Discobolus is the name of the Myron statue created in 5th century BC which shows the position of this ancient sport. Here are other interesting facts about discus:

Facts about Discus 1: discus as an ancient sport

Discus is a part of an ancient sport which dated back in 708 BC. In the ancient Greek pentathlon, discus was one of the important events.

Facts about Discus 2: the modern track and field sports

In the modern track and field sports, discus is considered as a routine event. It always makes its way to perform in the Olympic Games.

discus athlete

discus athlete

Facts about Discus 3: the competition of discus for men

The first Olympiad was hosted in 1896. The discus had been a part of it. The competition of discus for men is also a regular event in Summer Olympic Games.

Facts about Discus 4: as an advertisement

The beginning of modern games featured the images of discus throwers. It can be seen in 1920 and 1948 Summer Olympic games on the primary posters as well as the stamps for 1896 games. Check facts about Dawn Fraser here.

discus pic

discus pic

Facts about Discus 5: the rediscovery of discus

In 1870s, Christian Georg Kohlrausch and his students rediscovered this game in Magdeburg, Germany.

Facts about Discus 6: the work related to discus

since 1880, the publication of Kohlrausch’s works related to discus and the throwing methods was made.

facts about discus

facts about discus

Facts about Discus 7: František Janda-Suk

František Janda-Suk was an athlete from Bohemia. The region is the present day Czech Republic. Janda-Suk was known as the first modern athlete who rotated the whole body when throwing the discus. He learned the notable statue of Discobolus by looking at the position of the statue. It enabled him to invent the technique for rotating the whole body. In 1900, he earned a silver medal in Olympics a year after inventing the technique.

Facts about Discus 8: the discus competition for women

In 1928 Olympic Games, the discus competition for women was included in the sport program.

discus images

discus images

Facts about Discus 9: the weight of men’s discus

The weight of men’s discus reached 4.4 lb or 2 kilograms. It has the diameter of 8.7 inches or 22 cm.

Facts about Discus 10: the weight of women’s discus

The weight of women’s discus is 2.2 lb or 1 kilogram. The diameter reaches 7.1 inches or 18 cm. Check facts about disc golf here.

Greek Discus

Greek Discus

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