10 Facts about Disney

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Let me show you about a multinational company on Facts about Disney. The official name of this company is Walt Disney Company. This media conglomerate is based in Burbank, California with its Walt Disney studios. If we look at the terms revenue, Comcast still takes the first rank as the largest media conglomerate, while Disney takes the second place. Walt Disney and Roy O. Disney founded the Disney Brother Cartoon Studios on 16th October 1923. During the early career, Disney was recognized as the leader of animation industry in America. Then it expanded into theme parks, television and live-action film production. Here are other interesting facts about Disney:

Facts about Disney 1: the names of the company

The operation of the company comes in several names like the Walt Disney Productions and the Walt Disney Studio. In 1986, the company decided to take Walt Disney Company.

Facts about Disney 2: expansions

The company has been expanded several times. It also has various divisions such as online media, radio, theater, publishing and music.

facts about disney

facts about disney

Facts about Disney 3: Walt Disney Studios

Walt Disney Studios is considered as one of the notable studios in United States due to the amazing movies that the studio produces.

Facts about Disney 4: the other divisions

Other divisions of Disney include Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media, Disney Media Networks and Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.



Facts about Disney 5: the mascot of Disney

The main mascot of Disney is Mickey Mouse. It was considered as the most notable cartoon created by Disney Company.

Facts about Disney 6: a short film

Alice’s Wonderland was the first short movie created by Walt Disney in Kansas City, Missouri in the beginning of 1923. Some animated characters and Virginia Davis interacted in the movie. Look at facts about Disney Movies here.

disney pictures

disney pictures

Facts about Disney 7: Mickey Mouse

Disney created some simple drawings when he had an idea to create a mouse character. He named it Mortimer at first. But it was changed into Mickey Mouse.

Facts about Disney 8: the first sound movie of Disney

Steamboat Willie was the first sound movie created by Disney. On 18th November 1928, the movie was released. Mickey was the star in the movie.

disney pic

disney pic

Facts about Disney 9: the death of Walt Disney

Walt Disney passed away because of the complications associated with lung cancer on 15th December 1966.

Facts about Disney 10: the new CEO

After the death of Walt Disney, the president of company, CEO and chairman was taken by Roy Disney. To honor him, Disney World was renamed into Walt Disney World. Check facts about Disneyland here.

disney facts

disney facts

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