10 Facts about Disney Magic Bands

Monday, September 19th 2016. | Entertainment

The wristband from Disney is explained on Facts about Disney Magic Bands. It is considered as one of the main features in MyMagic+ platform. If you are a fan of Disney, the Magic band is not a new thing for you. But some people who have not visited Disneyland before must not know much about the function and features of Magic Bands and MyMagic +. Check the following post below if you are interested to get detail information about Magic Bands from Disney:

Facts about Disney Magic Bands 1: what is MyMagic+ platform?

Have you ever heard about MyMagic+ platform before? It consists of four major components. They are PhotoPass Memory Maker, My Disney Experience, FastPass+ and MagicBands.

Facts about Disney Magic Bands 2: Disney.com account

You can check Disney.com account if you want to know the features that the guests will receive by having the MyMagic+ platform.

disney magic bands pictures

disney magic bands pictures

Facts about Disney Magic Bands 3: what are Disney Magic Bands?

The guests will have access to Walt Disney World if they have the Magic Bands. The RFID wristbands are waterproofed. Check facts about Disneyland Florida here.

Facts about Disney Magic Bands 4: the access

You can enjoy various functions by having the Magic Bands.  It will be easier to gain access for FastPass+, Magical Express shuttle service from Orlando International Airport, park ticketing, room access and hotel check in via Magic Band.

colorful disney magic bands

colorful disney magic bands

Facts about Disney Magic Bands 5: credit card

If you are in Disneyland Resort and you want to have contactless payments in the restaurants and shops, link the Magic Bands into your credit card account. 

Facts about Disney Magic Bands 6: how to prevent overuse

You can prevent the overuse on the credit card connected to the Magic Band by applying spending limit.

disney magic bands

disney magic bands

Facts about Disney Magic Bands 7: PIN

If you intend to make a purchasing more than $50, you have to enter a PIN.

Facts about Disney Magic Bands 8: the distribution of Magic Bands of Disney

The hotels controlled by Disney as well as the annual pass holders are the distributors of Magic Bands. You can purchase it on site or as a part of the admission charge. Check facts about Disneyland California here.

facts about disney magic bands

facts about disney magic bands

Facts about Disney Magic Bands 9: colors and designs

The color of Magic Bands is numerous. You can have red, orange, black or even yellow. Before you travel to the Disney resort, you can order the customized Magic Bands which can be shipped to you. The inscription of the guest’ name as well as the removable grey trimming can be found on the bands.

Facts about Disney Magic Bands 10: Accessories

The trinket based on Disney characters is sold to customize the bands. You can purchase the Stars War, Frozen or Cinderella trinkets.

disney magic bands facts

disney magic bands facts

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