10 Facts about Disney Movies

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Facts about Disney Movies tell the readers about the notable movies created under the production of Walt Disney Company. The only animated movies of Disney where both parents are present and both don’t die in the rest of the movies are Mulan, Landy and the Tramp, Peter Pan and 101 Dalmatians. The regular narrative elements of Disney are characterized with the presence of villain, love story, happy village and songs. Pixar states that the company can compete with Disney since the elements are missing in Pixar’s movies. Check other facts about Disney movies below:

Facts about Disney Movies 1: The Lion King

The Lion King is one of the prominent animated movies from Disney. Since hyenas were portrayed as villains in the movie, a hyena biologist sued the company.

Facts about Disney Movies 2: Elton John

Elton John was the second choice for creating the music of The Lion King. At first, Disney went to the notable group Abba to create the music. However, the group was not available.

facts about disney movies

facts about disney movies

Facts about Disney Movies 3: a nursery rhyme

A nursery rhyme from the Swahili was spotted in the Lion King when Rafiki sang a song of “asante sana squash banana”. Check facts about Dirty Dancing here.

Facts about Disney Movies 4: the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is another famous movie from Disney. The representation of the Beast incorporates the qualities of several animals. It has the mane of a lion, bear body, gorilla’s brow, buffalo’s head, a wolf tail, and a boar’s tusks.

disney movies

disney movies

Facts about Disney Movies 5: Jackie Chan

Beauty and the Beast was also released in Chinese version where Jackie Chan, a notable action actor gave his voice for singing and speaking the Beast role. 

Facts about Disney Movies 6: the appearance of Aladdin

Look at the appearance of Aladdin carefully. It was created based on the physical look of Michael J. Fox. However, Tom Cruise was later used as the model of Aladdin’s appearance.  MC Hammer was considered as the partial inspiration for the movement of Aladdin.

disney movies image

disney movies image

Facts about Disney Movies 7: Frozen

Frozen is one of the recent movies from Disney. People speculate that the name of the author was used as the inspiration to create the names of the primary characters. The author’s name is Hans Christian Andersen. The primary characters in the movie are Hans, Kristoff, Anna and Sven. Get facts about Disneyland here.

Facts about Disney Movies 8: the director of Frozen

It is the first time for Disney to hire a woman to direct an animated movie in Frozen.

disney movies facts

disney movies facts

Facts about Disney Movies 9: The Little Mermaid

The drag queen Divine is considered as the inspiration for making the appearance of Ursula in The Little Mermaid. The cameo in the movie includes Donald Duck, Goofy and Mickey Mouse.

Facts about Disney Movies 10: Finding Nemo

Due to the popularity of Finding Nemo, many people are interested to purchase tons of pet clownfish. This condition damages the population of clownfish.

disney movie

disney movie

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