10 Facts about Disney Parks

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One of the four major business segments of the Walt Disney Company is explained on Facts about Disney Parks. People often call it as Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. The official name of this subsidiary is Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Worldwide, Inc.  In the past, it was named as Walt Disney Outdoor recreation Division. Then it was known as the Walt Disney Attractions. The main jobs of Disney Parks are for managing, building and creating concept of the theme park and vacation parks for Walt Disney Company. Check other interesting facts about Disney Parks below:

Facts about Disney Parks 1: the establishment of Disney Parks

In 1971, Disney Parks was established after Walt Disney World in Florida opened Magic Kingdom. In 1955, the original Disneyland in California was opened.

Facts about Disney Parks 2: the guests

There were around 134 million guests hosted by the theme parks in 2014. It took the record as the most visited theme park company in the world. However, Merlin Entertainments still takes the first place, while Disney Parks is at the second place.

disney parks facts

disney parks facts

Facts about Disney Parks 3: the employees

As of 2015, Disney Parks have employed around 130,000 people. Therefore, it is considered as the largest business segment of Disney.

Facts about Disney Parks 4: Bob Chapek

Bob Chapek was the former president of Disney Consumer Products. Now he serves as the chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. Bob Iger is the CEO of Walt Disney Company.

facts about disney parks

facts about disney parks

Facts about Disney Parks 5: Disney California Adventure Park

On 8th February 2011, the Disneyland Resort opened Disney California Adventure Park. The Golden State, Hollywood Pictures Backlot and Paradise Pier are the three main areas in the park.

Facts about Disney Parks 6: Disneyland California

Walt Disney established Disneyland as a single park. The Disneyland located in Anaheim, California was opened on 17th July 1955. On 5th October 1955, Disneyland Hotel was opened for public. Then it was called Disneyland Park so that people can differentiate it with the larger resort complex of the company.

disney parks pictures

disney parks pictures

Facts about Disney Parks 7: Tokyo Disney Resort

On 15th April 1983, Tokyo Disney Resort was opened for public. The location is in Urayasu, Chiba, Japan. On 4th September 2001, Tokyo Disneyland was opened.

Facts about Disney Parks 8: Disneyland Paris

On 12th April 1992, Disneyland Paris was opened. You can find 7 Disney resort hotels, an entertainment complex, a golf course and 2 theme parks here. Check facts about Disneyland Paris here.

disney parks images

disney parks images

Facts about Disney Parks 9: Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

On 12th September 2005, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort was opened. It is the second park for Disney in Asia. The first one is Japan.

Facts about Disney Parks 10: Shanghai Disney Resort

The approval to establish Shanghai Disney Resort was earned by the company in November 2009. Look at facts about Disney here.

disney park

disney park

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