10 Facts about Disney Princesses

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Facts about Disney Princesses tell the readers about Princess Line of Walt Disney Company. This media franchise is very famous in the world. In the beginning of 2000s, Andy Mooney who served as the Disney Consumer Products chairman created this Princess Line. The fictional female protagonists are included Disney Princess line. But not all princess characters are included in the line. Here are other facts about Disney Princesses to note:

Facts about Disney Princesses 1: the female characters in Princess Line

The Disney Princess line consists of 11 characters as of 2015. They include Merida, Snow White, Aurora, Belle, Ariel, Pocahontas, Jasmine, Belle, Rapunzel, Tiana and Mulan.

Facts about Disney Princesses 2: the products in the market

Due to the popularity of the characters, there are many products of Disney Princess sold in the world. They include toys, dolls, apparels, home décor, and dolls.

disney princess

disney princess

Facts about Disney Princesses 3: the licensees

The plastic Fisher-Prince figurines, Hasbro for games and dolls, Stride Ride for sparkly shoes and Glidden for wall paint are the licensees for Disney Princess line.

Facts about Disney Princesses 4: the official number

There was an official number in the lineup of Disney Princess. Cinderella takes the second place for the first seat is for Snow White. It was considered as the original Disney Princess. Find facts about Disneyland here.

disney princesses

disney princesses

Facts about Disney Princesses 5: Snow White

Snow White is the true princess of Disney. In 1937, the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was released.

Facts about Disney Princesses 6: the appearance of Snow White

Snow White is depicted as having ebony black hair and beautiful face. The skin is white as snow.  She also has the lips as red as rose. Get facts about Disney Movies here.

disney princesses pictures

disney princesses pictures

Facts about Disney Princesses 7: Cinderella

The second Disney Princess is Cinderella. In 1950, Disney released a movie about her. Even though she takes the second place, she is often called as the leader of Disney Princesses.

Facts about Disney Princesses 8: Aurora

The third Disney Princess is Aurora. This character was seen in Sleeping Beauty film released in 1959. In the movie maleficent, Elle Fanning has the role of Aurora.

disney princesses facts

disney princesses facts

Facts about Disney Princesses 9: Ariel

In 1989, Little Mermaid was released. It featured the primary character, Ariel. She is a mermaid depicted with her green tail, purple seashell bra and bright red hair.

Facts about Disney Princesses 10: Belle

Belle is famous due to the movie Beauty and the Beast. The current voice of Belle is provided by Julie Nathanson.

facts about disney princesses

facts about disney princesses

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