10 Facts about Disneyland

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Check Facts about Disneyland if you are interested to know about the first themed park established inside the Disneyland Resort. On 17th July 1955, Disneyland was opened for the first time for public. The location is in Anaheim, California. Walt Disney directly supervised the design and establishment of this theme park. In 1990s, the name Disneyland was changed into Disneyland Park to differentiate the theme park with the complex. Here are other interesting facts about Disneyland to note:

Facts about Disneyland 1: the concept of Disneyland

In 1930s and 1940s, Walt Disney and his daughters liked to visit various amusement parks. It made Disney establish a concept of Disneyland as a theme park.

Facts about Disneyland 2: the studios of Disneyland

The studios of Disney were located in Burbank. At first, he wanted to establish the tourist attraction around the studios. Due to the small site, he left the idea.

disneyland pictures

disneyland pictures

Facts about Disneyland 3: purchasing a site

In 1953, Disney purchased a site located close to Anaheim. He bought to envision his project. The area of the site was 65 ha or 160 acre.

Facts about Disneyland 4: the construction of Disneyland

In 1954, Disneyland was constructed. On 17th July 1955, the ABC TV televised the event when Disneyland was unveiled. It was a special press for the new park. Check facts about Disney World here.

disneyland pic

disneyland pic

Facts about Disneyland 5: renovations and expansions

Disneyland was renovated and expanded several times. In 1966, the New Orleans Square was added in the park. In 1972, Bear Country was incorporated in Disneyland. In 1993, it featured the Mickey’s Toontown.

Facts about Disneyland 6: the opening of Disney California Adventure Park

The original parking lot of Disneyland was changed into Disney California Adventure Park. It was opened for public in 2001.

disneyland facts

disneyland facts

Facts about Disneyland 7: the attendance of Disneyland

Disneyland is a very popular park in the world for it has been visited by more than 650 million people since the first opening. That’s why it takes the status as the park with larger cumulative attendance.

Facts about Disneyland 8: the guests in 2013

There were 16.2 million guests who visited Disneyland in 2013.

disneyland image

disneyland image

Facts about Disneyland 9: employment

Since there are many people who come to Disneyland, the park provides at least 65,700 jobs.

Facts about Disneyland 10: the visitors

The employees of Disneyland are called cast members, while the visitors are called guests. Check facts about Denali National Park here.

Facts about Disneyland

Facts about Disneyland

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