10 Facts about Disneyland Florida

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Facts about Disneyland Florida tell the readers about an entertainment complex in Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista. It is considered as most visited resort in the world. In 1960s, Walt Disney developed this complex. This entertainment area spans on 110 km square or 27,258 acres of land. Compared to the size of Manhattan, it is twice bigger. Check other facts about Disneyland Florida below:

Facts about Disneyland Florida 1: the notable theme parks in Disneyland

There was a list of 25 most visited theme parks in the world in 2014. Four of Disneyland theme parks were included in the list. Magic Kingdom earned the first place for it was visited by 19,332,000 people. Epcot visited by 11,454,000 took the sixth place.  The seventh place was for Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Disney’s Hollywood Studios took the eighth place.

Facts about Disneyland Florida 2: the opening of the theme parks

On 1st October 1971, Magic Kingdom was opened. On 1st October 1982, Epcot was opened. Disney’s Hollywood Studios was opened on 1st May 1989, while Disney’s Animal Kingdom was opened on 22nd April 1998.

disneyland florida images

disneyland florida images

Facts about Disneyland Florida 3: Magic Kingdom Park

Magic Kingdom features fairy tales and Disney characters. This park is very popular among the visitors. The attractions and layout found in the park are similar with those in Disneyland Park, California. Get facts about Disney here.

Facts about Disneyland Florida 4: Cinderella Castle

Cinderella Castle is considered as the main feature found in Magic Kingdom. The design of the castle was inspired from Cinderella movie released in 1950.

disneyland florida pic

disneyland florida pic

Facts about Disneyland Florida 5: the visitors of Magic Kingdom in 2015

There were 20.49 million people who came to Magic Kingdom in 2015. 

Facts about Disneyland Florida 6: the record of Magic Kingdom

For the last 15 years, Magic Kingdom is considered as the most visited park in North America.

disneyland florida

disneyland florida

Facts about Disneyland Florida 7: Epcot

If you are interested to know the park dedicated for human achievement, visit Epcot. It is often called as the permanent World’s Fair. You can view the international culture as well as the technological innovation.

Facts about Disneyland Florida 8: the sections of Epcot

There are two sections found in Epcot. Both are the World Showcase and Future World.

disneyland florida pictures

disneyland florida pictures

Facts about Disneyland Florida 9: Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios show the interesting display of theater, music, and television and film industry in 1930s and 1940s during the peak day of Hollywood film industry. Look at facts about Disneyland here.

Facts about Disneyland Florida 10: Disney’s Animal Kingdom

The zoological themed park is represented in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. On 22 April 1998, the park was opened on Earth Day.

facts about disneyland florida

facts about disneyland florida

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