10 Facts about Disneyland Paris

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The most visited theme in France and Europe is explained on Facts about Disneyland Paris. The original name is Euro Disney Resort. People call it Disneyland Paris now. The location of this entertainment resort is 20 miles or 32 kilometers of Paris.  Euro Disney S.C.A. is the operator as well as the owner of Disneyland. However, the majority stake in the company is owned by the Walt Disney Company.  The total area of Disneyland is 19 kilometer square or 4,800 acres. Here are other interesting facts about Disneyland Paris:

Facts about Disneyland Paris 1: the features of Disneyland

There are various features that you can find in Disneyland. You can find a golf course, entertainment complex, dining, shopping, 2 theme parks and some resort hotels.

Facts about Disneyland Paris 2: the resort

On 12th April 1992, the resort of Disneyland was opened after it was added in the complex. Get facts about Disneyland California here.

disneyland paris facts

disneyland paris facts

Facts about Disneyland Paris 3: the second theme park

In 2002, Walt Disney Studios Park was opened. It was considered as the second theme park.  Look at facts about Disney World here.

Facts about Disneyland Paris 4: the location

Disneyland Paris is located in France. It is considered as the second park of Disneyland situated outside U.S. The first park located outside United States is Tokyo Disney Resort opened in 1983.

disneyland paris pictures

disneyland paris pictures

Facts about Disneyland Paris 5: planning the park

In 1972, there was a plan to establish Disneyland in Europe after the company earned a big success with Walt Disney World in Florida.

Facts about Disneyland Paris 6: the international expansion

The international expansion of Disneyland was spotted in 1983 when it opened Tokyo Disneyland. The company gained an instant success.

disneyland paris pictures

disneyland paris pictures

Facts about Disneyland Paris 7: selecting the site European Disneyland

Dick Nunis and Jim Cora were the head of theme park division who had a list of 1,200 possible locations for the future European Disneyland in the end of 1984.

Facts about Disneyland Paris 8: the four possible locations

After extensive researches, the number of the list was sorted out into four possible locations. The two locations were in Spain, while the other two were located in France.

facts about disneyland paris

facts about disneyland paris

Facts about Disneyland Paris 9: Marne-la-Vallée, France

The site located in Marne-la-Vallée, France was selected for it was located near Paris. The two locations in Spain were eliminated for both offered similar climate with the Disneyland in Florida and California.  Another site in France was located near Toulon, southern France. It was declined because of the difficult construction. It featured shallow bedrock.

Facts about Disneyland Paris 10: the permanent employees

Disneyland Paris tried to look for permanent employees. It was very different from the recruitment in themed parks for Disneyland in United States.

disneyland paris images

disneyland paris images

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