10 Facts about Dissolving

Tuesday, September 20th 2016. | Chemistry

Facts about Dissolving will talk about the dissolution of solids, liquids, or gases into a solvent. Therefore, the original state becomes the dissolved components or solutes. It may form a solution of solid, liquid or gas. The metal alloy represents the solid solution. It is caused by a process for dissolving one solid into another solid.  Here are other interesting facts about dissolving.

Facts about Dissolving 1: the crystalline structure

The crystalline structure should be disintegrated when a crystalline solid is dissolved in a liquid. Therefore, it can release the molecules, ions or atoms.

Facts about Dissolving 2:  the gases and liquids

The solution will be formed with the solvents if the molecules of gases and liquids form the non-covalent intermolecular interaction.  

facts about distilled water

facts about distilled water

Facts about Dissolving 3: is dissolution important?

If you are interested to know more about the natural and unnatural process in chemistry, dissolution is very important to learn.

Facts about Dissolving 4:  the topics related to dissolutions

The catalysts, man-made soluble drugs, chemical constituents and decomposition of a dying organism are some interesting topics related to dissolving.

distilled water

distilled water

Facts about Dissolving 5: industry

The industry also recognizes the presence of dissolution testing. To prepare and formulate chemical agents, dissolving solutions will always be conducted by the pharmaceutical industry.

Facts about Dissolving 6: gas and liquid

The interaction between the gaseous compounds or elements will take place with the liquid solvent if there are interactions on their bonds.

dissolving image

dissolving image

Facts about Dissolving 7: a soda pop

Do you know how to make a soda pop? It is very simple to do since you just have to mix the carbonated water and sweetened drink.

Facts about Dissolving 8: the factor which affects dissolving

The solvent or the molecules of the substance will affect the dissolving process. The solute is used to call the dissolved molecules of the substance. Find facts about DDT here.

dissolving facts

dissolving facts

Facts about Dissolving 9: water

The good dissolver is water. It has the areas of negative and positive charge which makes it easy to dissolve element.  Find facts about detergent here.

Facts about Dissolving 10: the drink mix in the soda pop

Sucrose is type of sugar molecules which can be found in the drink mix. The oxygen, hydrogen and carbon atoms are the primary element of sucrose. When the water and sucrose are mixed, both molecules are attracted each other. Then the sugar is dissolved into the water.

dissolving chemistry

dissolving chemistry

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