10 Facts about Distracted Driving

Tuesday, September 20th 2016. | Automotive

The act of driving while people are engaged in other activities is explained on Facts about Distracted Driving. The activities conducted by the people while they are driving may include necking, shagging, smoking, watching videos, texting, talking on a phone, reading, looking after kids and talking to the passengers. Those activities make the driver lose their concentration on the road. Check other interesting facts about distracted driving below:

Facts about Distracted Driving 1: safety

The distracted driving is not good for it decreases the safety of the bystanders, passengers inside the vehicles, driver and the passengers of other vehicles.

Facts about Distracted Driving 2: texting

There is a report than 18 percent of people admit for texting messages regularly when they drive. Moreover, the report also states that 37 percent of drivers admit for receiving or sending messages when they drive the vehicles.

distracted driving images

distracted driving images

Facts about Distracted Driving 3: the crash risk

The crash risk is increased 23 times if you send or receive text messages when you drive. That’s the report based on the US Department of Transportation.

Facts about Distracted Driving 4: the groups of distracted driving

The cognitive, manual and visual as the three different groups which classify distracted driving.

distracted driving facts

distracted driving facts

Facts about Distracted Driving 5: the cognitive distracted driving

When the driver’s mind is wandering around when he or she is driving, they are engaged in the act of cognitive distracted driving. In simple word, the driver loses his or her focus to drive.

Facts about Distracted Driving 6: the manual distracted driving

When one hand of the driver is off the wheel, he or she is engaged in manual distracted driving.

 Facts about Distracted Driving

Facts about Distracted Driving

Facts about Distracted Driving 7: the visual distraction

When your eyes are off the road, you are engaged in visual distracted driving.  Get facts about cars here.

Facts about Distracted Driving 8: the dangerous act

The drivers engage in a very dangerous situation when they are engaged in the combination of cognitive, manual and visual distractions. Talking on the phone and texting is influenced by the development of technology.

Distracted Driving Pictures

Distracted Driving Pictures

Facts about Distracted Driving 9: the usage of mobile device

Almost 11 percent drivers in 2008 used their mobile device when they drove. The number represented around 1 million people.  Check facts about auto insurance here.

Facts about Distracted Driving 10: food

Eating while driving is also a dangerous act. The top offender is coffee followed by hot soup. Tacos and chili come in the third place and fourth place. The fifth and sixth places are occupied by hamburger and barbeque food.

distracted driving pic

distracted driving pic

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