10 Facts about Ditto

Thursday, September 22nd 2016. | Characters

Facts about Ditto present the readers with the information about a normal-type Pokémon. The Japanese name for Ditto is Metamon. The evolution of Ditto has not been spotted for it has not turned into any other forms of Pokémon. However, Ditto may generate eggs of other species of Pokémon if it breeds with any other Pokémon.  Find out other interesting facts about Ditto in the following post below:

Facts about Ditto 1: the natural physical appearance of Ditto

Let’s find out the natural physical appearance of Ditto. This free-form blob has magenta or light purple body. The facial features are vestigial.

Facts about Ditto 2: the transformation

Even though the natural state of Ditto seems boring for it is only a free-form blob, it has the ability to imitate different kinds of physical objects just look like a twin replica. The body also has the handless protruding arms. In some cases, Ditto is seen with two vestigial arms.

ditto character

ditto character

Facts about Ditto 3: the transformation

It is wonderful to know that Ditto can transform the body. If these characters start laughing, it will lose the ability to maintain the transformed state.

Facts about Ditto 4: the strength

Even though it can transform into other objects, Ditto cannot mimic the strength of other Pokémon. However, Ditto can adapt the abilities and physical form.

facts about ditto

facts about ditto

Facts about Ditto 5: sleeping

Ditto has an amazing protection. It can avoid any attack when sleeping for it will transform the body into a rock.

Facts about Ditto 6: the first appearance of Ditto

Ditto’s Mysterious Mansion marks the first appearance of Ditto. In the anime, Ditto became a performer. However, the spectators lost interest since Ditto did not have the ability to change its face. Team Rocket captured Ditto when he was about the fix the problem about his face.

ditto pic

ditto pic

Facts about Ditto 7: another appearance of ditto

Another appearance of ditto was seen when it fought against Ash’s Pikachu in Hello Pumello. Ditto was owned by Drake of the Orange Islands. During the battle, Ditto was defeated.

Facts about Ditto 8: Master Ditto

Master ditto was a ninja master which appeared in Magical Pokémon Journey. The Wal Comes Tumbling down was the first appearance for Master Ditto. Get facts about Daleks here.

ditto facts

ditto facts

Facts about Ditto 9: Pokémon Trozei!

In Pokémon Trozei!, Ditto is considered as the most common Pokémon. It can be seen in many areas for it is functioned as a wild card.

Facts about Ditto 10: Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs

Ditto becomes a boss at the Sky fortress in Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs. You can spot the transformation of ditto into Suicune, Raikou and Entei. Get facts about Darth Maul here.

ditto image

ditto image

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