10 Facts about Divorce

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The following Facts about Divorce will tell the readers about the dissolution of marriage. The rule or law of the state or country will determine the process of divorce. The responsibilities and legal duties of marriage will be canceled or even reorganized when a couple decides to divorce. The marital or marriage union will be terminated after the divorce. Let us check other interesting facts about divorce below:

Facts about Divorce 1: the laws of divorce

Each country or state in the world has different divorce laws. In general, the issues discussed in the laws of divorce include child support, child custody, spousal support or alimony, division of debt, property distribution, parenting time and child visitation.

Facts about Divorce 2: monogamy

The law requires a person to do monogamy. It means that you have one husband or one wife.

divorce couple

divorce couple

Facts about Divorce 3: marrying another person

If you are married and you want to marry another person, you have to file for divorce. Polyandry is not legal, but polygyny is legal. That is why if a married woman wants to have a new husband; she has to divorce her husband first.

Facts about Divorce 4: the reasons for divorce

There are various reasons of divorce. They include personality clash, lack of independence and sexual incompatibility.  Get facts about crime and punishment here.



Facts about Divorce 5: the procedure of divorce

Almost all countries and states in the world recognize the procedures of divorce. However, the ecclesiastical states like the Vatican City and the Philippines do not allow divorce.

Facts about Divorce 6: the recent legality of divorce

There are several countries, which recently legalize divorce. Malta legalized this act in 2011. In 2004, Chile had the procedure of divorce. In 1996, 1975 and 1970, Ireland, Portugal and Italy legalized divorce respectively. Look at facts about divorce in UK here.



Facts about Divorce 7: the point of view related to divorce

Marriage is often seen as a combination of status and contract. When a spouse has the inability or refusal to do the obligations, it can be used as a reason for the other spouse to file for divorce.

Facts about Divorce 8: no fault

There are some countries in the world, which do not see any fault in divorce. They include New Zealand, Australia, Finland, and Sweden.

facts about divorce

facts about divorce

Facts about Divorce 9: the basic approaches

The no-fault and fault based divorce are the two basic approaches of divorce in most laws in the world.

Facts about Divorce 10: the property

The location of the property usually will affect the law of jurisdiction related to the division of property of the divorced couple.

divorce image

divorce image

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