10 Facts about Diwali

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One of the important religious holidays in the world is explained on facts about Diwali. Have you ever watched the festival of Diwali before? It is heavily celebrated in India where many lights can be seen in all regions. Diwali is also called as festival of lights. There are two different times for celebrating Diwali. The people in southern hemisphere celebrate it in spring. On the other hand, the people in northern hemisphere celebrate it in autumn. It is considered as an ancient Indian festival. Here are other interesting facts about Diwali to notice:

Facts about Diwali 1: the official holiday

There are several countries in the world, which consider Diwali as the official holiday such as India, Trinidad and Tobago, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Myanmar, Malaysia, Guyana, Fiji, Nepal, Myanmar, Mauritius and Suriname. Find facts about Deepavali here.

Facts about Diwali 2: the celebration of Diwali

When Diwali is celebrated, you can spot millions of lights located on every important building in the country. The temples and houses also feature many lights. The parts of the house decorated with light are the windows, outside doors, and housetops.

diwali facts

diwali facts

Facts about Diwali 3: the Diwali night

The Hindu will light the lamps and candles called diyas outside and inside the houses on Diwali night. Moreover, they also wear the best attire.

Facts about Diwali 4: the firework

The firework will mark the end of the festival.  Before the firework is lit, the family puja will be performed. Get facts about Cinco de Mayo here.

diwali firework

diwali firework

Facts about Diwali 5: the word Diwali

The word Diwali is taken from the Sanskrit word Dipavali. It means spreading of light or row of lamps.

Facts about Diwali 6: the shopping activity during Diwali

In India, the people are eager to shop during Diwali. The shopping activity during the day can be compared with Christmas. The Indians would love to purchase gifts, new clothes, jewelry, gold and home refurbishments.

diwali images

diwali images

Facts about Diwali 7: gold and jewelry

In India, the gold and jewelry have their peak purchasing season in Diwali. Many people like to get new jewelry and gold.

Facts about Diwali 8: other products

The other sought after products for Diwali include fireworks, candy and sweets. The firecrackers sold during Diwali reach the cost at INR 5,000 crores or US$800 million at the retail level.

Diwali Pic

Diwali Pic

Facts about Diwali 9: the environmental issue

Air pollution is one of the environmental issues associated with Diwali. The level of air pollution is increased after fireworks.

Facts about Diwali 10: burn injury

It is very common for adults to have burn injury during Diwali. The injury is caused by fireworks.

divorce couple

divorce couple

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