10 Facts about Djembe Drums

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One of the famous musical instruments from West Africa is explained on Facts about Djembe Drums. It is described as a goblet drum covered by the rope turned skin. When you want to play Djembe, use the bare hands. There is no need to use any sticks since this traditional African drum is very different from modern drums. Here are other interesting facts about Djembe drums to notice:

Facts about Djembe Drums 1: the materials to create Djembe drum

The drumhead of Djembe is mostly made of goatskin and other untreated rawhide. The body or shell of Djembe drum is made of hardwood.

Facts about Djembe Drums 2: the name of Djembe

It was believed that the name of Djembe was taken from the saying “Anke djé, anke bé”. That is based on the words of Bambara people who live in Mali.

djembe drum pic

djembe drum pic

Facts about Djembe Drums 3: the exterior diameter

The exterior diameter of Djembe drums reaches 12 to 15 inches or 30 to 38 cm. However, most of them have the average diameter of 13 to 14 inches. The height of the Djembe drum is around 23 to 25 inches or 58 to 63 cm. The measurement excludes the rings.

Facts about Djembe Drums 4: the weight of Djembe

The weight of Djembe drum is determined by the type of shell material and size. On average, it has the weight about 11 to 29 lb or 5 to 13 kilograms.

djembe drum

djembe drum

Facts about Djembe Drums 5: the weight of a medium sized Djembe drum

The weight of the medium Djembe drum reaches 20 lb or 9 kilogram. The rings, skin and rope usually are made of traditional wood.

Facts about Djembe Drums 6: a flexible drum

Djembe drum receives the status as one of the flexible drums in the world. It can generate different kinds of sounds. Check facts about clarinet here.

facts about djembe drums

facts about djembe drums

Facts about Djembe Drums 7: the loud sound

The sound produced by Djembe drum is very loud. Even though it is played in a very large percussion ensemble, the audiences are still able to detect the presence of Djembe drum’s sound as a solo musical instrument.

Facts about Djembe Drums 8: a skilled drummer

Djembe drum will talk to the spectators if the drummer is very skillful. It means that the beats and sounds produced can tell the emotional story.

djembe drum colors

djembe drum colors

Facts about Djembe Drums 9: the players of Djembe drum

It is not common to spot a woman playing Djembe drum. The men always play the drum. The women usually play a woven basket rattle called kese kese.

Facts about Djembe Drums 10: amazement

When there is a woman playing Djembe drum, the African women will be impressed. Look at facts about Cuban music here.

djembe drum unique

djembe drum unique

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