10 Facts about DJing

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Find out the interesting information about the activity of a disc jockey on Facts about DJing.  The DJ or deejay will mix the recorded music and play it loud. In the past, people used the term disc jockey or disc to call the gramophone record. However, a DJ now is a term to call the person who mixes the recorded music from various sources such as digital audio files, CDs, and cassettes. Let us find out other interesting facts about DJing in the following post below:

Facts about DJing 1: the performance of DJ

In general, a DJ will perform in front of many spectators. It can be broadcasted or even on a live performance. Many DJ also record their mixes and sell them around the world.

Facts about DJing 2: the equipment of a DJ

There are at least two different sources of recorded music, which will be mixed by a DJ when he or she performs. The sources of music will be mixed and played. Therefore, the DJ may be able to create special mixes.

djing facts

djing facts

Facts about DJing 3: the preview

To make sure that the result of the mixes is great, the DJ can preview it using the DJ equipment using the headphones. Then DJ can play the mixes in front of the audiences. Previewing the mix is very helpful for DJs since they will be able to play the appropriate next track.

Facts about DJing 4: the types of DJ

The disc jockey is available in some types. The person who plays in the internet, digital, FM, and AM radio stations is called radio personality or radio DJs.

djing image

djing image

Facts about DJing 5: mobile DJ

Another type of DJ is called mobile DJs. They perform in many kinds of events playing the recorded music and take the portable sound systems.

Facts about DJing 6: the club DJ

The person who plays the music in stadium, parties, discotheques, nightclubs, raves and bars is called club DJ.

djing pic

djing pic

Facts about DJing 7: the importance of DJ

DJ is considered as an important person, which can maintain the euphoria in the event. In some cases, they work as an MC. Look at facts about Dixieland Jazz here.

Facts about DJing 8: DJ competition

It seems that the attention of the people toward DJ as a career is increased. That is why a competition for DJs is held in many countries in the world. The competition usually is specialized based on the turntables.

djing pictures

djing pictures

Facts about DJing 9: Hip hop DJs

A hip-hop DJ should do several jobs.  They have to form the rhythmic and percussive sounds by having the turntable scratching and play different kinds of turntables.

Facts about DJing 10: collaboration

The collaboration of many musicians with DJs is spotted today. The classical, jazz, heavy metal and rock musicians work together with reggae, hip-hop and electronic DJ. Get facts about djembe drums here.

facts about djing

facts about djing

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