10 Facts about Dmitri Mendeleev

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Let me show you the interesting information about the Russian inventor and chemist on Facts about Dmitri Mendeleev. His contribution in the field of chemistry is still applied and remembered until today. Do you know that the Periodic Law was formulated by Mendeleev? There were several discovered elements in the periodic table of elements fixed by him in term of properties. There were eight undiscovered elements predicted by Mendeleev. Here are other facts to notice about Mendeleev:

Facts about Dmitri Mendeleev 1: the parents and early life

His father and mother were Ivan Pavlovich Mendeleev and Maria Dmitrievna Mendeleeva. His birthplace was located in Verkhnie Aremzyani village.

Facts about Dmitri Mendeleev 2: an Orthodox Christian

The family always taught him as Orthodox Christians. However, he finally decided to follow a form of deism and stayed away from the church.

dmitri mendeleev chemist

dmitri mendeleev chemist

Facts about Dmitri Mendeleev 3: the number of siblings

The exact number of the children in the family is not known until today. However, it is believed that he was the youngest one in the family. It was thought that he had 11, 17 or probably 14 siblings.

Facts about Dmitri Mendeleev 4: the occupation of Mendeleev’s father

The occupation of Mendeleev’s father was a teacher where he taught philosophy, politics and fine arts. His father had to leave the teaching position because of blindness. It affected the financial condition of the family. Check facts about David Suzuki here.

dmitri mendeleev facts

dmitri mendeleev facts

Facts about Dmitri Mendeleev 5: the role of his mother

The mother had to be the breadwinner in the family due to the troubled finance. Therefore, she decided to rework on the glass factory. It was once abandoned by the family.

Facts about Dmitri Mendeleev 6: the early life of Mendeleev

Mendeleev studied at Gymnasium in Tobolsk when he was 13 years old after the fire damaged the factory of his mother and death of his father. Check facts about David Goodsell here.

dmitri mendeleev pictures

dmitri mendeleev pictures

Facts about Dmitri Mendeleev 7: higher education

His mother wanted Mendeleev to get higher education so that he took him to Moscow from Siberia in 1849.

Facts about Dmitri Mendeleev 8: education

In 1850, he attended the Main Pedagogical Institute after being accepted in Saint Petersburg. At first, he was rejected in Moscow.

dmitri mendeleev images

dmitri mendeleev images

Facts about Dmitri Mendeleev 9: as a professor

In 1864 and 1865, he was appointed as the professors for Saint Petersburg Technological Institute and Saint Petersburg State University respectively.

Facts about Dmitri Mendeleev 10: Anna Ivanova Popova

Anna Ivanova Popova was the second wife of Mendeleev. He was obsessed with her.  If she refused his proposal, Mendeleev said that he would kill himself.

facts about dmitri mendeleev

facts about dmitri mendeleev

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