10 Facts about DMT

Tuesday, September 27th 2016. | Chemistry

Find out Facts about DMT in the following post below. This drug is included in the family of tryptamine. This psychedelic compound has strong effect. It is also called as N,N-Dimethyltryptamine. The indigenous Amazonian Indian cultures have consumed DMT due to its healing and divinatory functions. Oswaldo Gonçalves de Lima was the microbiologist who found the presence of DMT in the plants in 1946. In 1931, it actually had been synthesized for the first time. Let us check other facts about DMT below:

Facts about DMT 1: the presence of DMT

The presence of DMT is not only found naturally in plants.  The mammalian organisms had natural DMT based on the finding in 1960s.

Facts about DMT 2: the notable effect of DMT

The effect of DMT is defined with fast onset, intense effects and short duration of action.

dmt pic

dmt pic

Facts about DMT 3: the nickname of DMT

The people in United States called DMT as the businessman’s trip in 1960s due to the short duration of action that it gave.  Find facts about dissolving here.

Facts about DMT 4: the effects of DMT

The level of doses consumed by the persons determines the effect. They can take DMT by orally ingesting, injecting or inhaling the substances.

facts about dmt

facts about dmt

Facts about DMT 5: the short effect

As I have stated, before DMT only has a very short effect.  It only lasts for around five to fifteen minutes. 

Facts about DMT 6: longer effect

The effect of DMT may last more than three hours if it is taken by the oral ingestion. DMT is considered as an illegal substance.  The effects given by DMT include the hallucinations, euphoria and visuals. All of them are included as psychedelic experiences.



Facts about DMT 7: the religious ceremonies

DMT is often used in religious ceremonies in some cultures. Nevertheless, it has low level of risk of affecting the psychology and dependence due to the small amount of intake during the ceremonies. Check facts about DDT here.

Facts about DMT 8: the physical effects

What about the physical effects of DMT?  The concentration of prolactin, cortisol, corticotrophin and beta-endorphin in the blood is increased signicantly. It also increases the level of rectal temperature, pupil diameter, heart rate and blood pressure.

dmt pictures

dmt pictures

Facts about DMT 9: the vaporized DMT

The vaporized DMT at 15 to 60 mg is considered as the standard dose. The effect will only last for five to fifteen minutes.

Facts about DMT 10: ayahuasca

Ayahuasca is also called yage. It is a traditional beverage from South America. It is made of mixing the leaves, which contains DMT like Diplopterys cabrerana with Banisteriopsis caapi or ayahuasca vine.

facts about dmt drug

facts about dmt drug

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