10 Facts about DNA Fingerprinting

Wednesday, September 28th 2016. | Science

The technology applied in the forensic technique for individual identification is explained on Facts about DNA Fingerprinting. It is also called as DNA profiling, DNA typing or DNA testing. The all unrelated individuals will likely to have different DNA varieties in a DNA profile. The fingerprints are considered as the unique one from each individual in the world. That is why the DNA profiling is called DNA fingerprinting due to the technique employed in the profiling. Check other interesting facts about DNA fingerprinting below:

Facts about DNA Fingerprinting 1: the usage and development of DNA fingerprinting

In 1985, DNA fingerprinting technique was first applied and developed. Today, it is applied in most cases in the world.

Facts about DNA Fingerprinting 2: the usage of DNA fingerprinting today

There are many functions of DNA fingerprinting. It is often used to place a person or even identify the person in a crime scene. It is mostly applied in the criminal investigation as well as parentage testing. Check facts about diorite here.

dna fingerprinting facts

dna fingerprinting facts

Facts about DNA Fingerprinting 3: the forensic science

DNA fingerprinting is one of the important techniques applied in the forensic science. The immigration and paternity disputes can be clarified by employing DNA fingerprinting.

Facts about DNA Fingerprinting 4: the field of zoology

The field of zoology now also employs DNA fingerprinting for it also covers the study of animal population.

dna fingerprinting images

dna fingerprinting images

Facts about DNA Fingerprinting 5: the DNA sequences

The scientists realize that 99.9 percent of DNA sequences of human beings is similar. However, the remaining 0.1 percent is enough to distinguish each individual in the world. However, if they are twin, it will be difficult.

Facts about DNA Fingerprinting 6: the modern process of DNA Fingerprinting

In 1988, the development of DNA Fingerprinting reached the modern process. Get facts about disabilities here.

dna fingerprinting pictures

dna fingerprinting pictures

Facts about DNA Fingerprinting 7: who developed the modern process?

Sir Alec Jeffreys was the professor of genetics who developed the modern process of DNA fingerprinting. A reference sample is taken from DNA of an individual. The usage of a buccal swab for collecting the sample is very cheap and easy to do.

Facts about DNA Fingerprinting 8: the other methods

If the buccal swab cannot be conducted, the other methods can be performed. The store samples like biopsy tissue or even banked sperm can be used to get the sample.

DNA fingerprints pic

DNA fingerprints pic

Facts about DNA Fingerprinting 9: the personal items

The reference sample can be collected from the personal items such as the razor or even toothbrush.

Facts about DNA Fingerprinting 10: the types of reference sample

The semen, saliva or even blood can be used as the samples.

facts about dna fingerprinting

facts about dna fingerprinting

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